HI CONNECT: PRODUCT-centric IOT services

Hi connect: enabling servitization strategies via IoT

Appliance makers and brands, both in the consumer and professional sectors, suffer the continuous pressure of hardware commoditization, which limits differentiation and ultimately erodes profitability.
Moreover, appliance makers lose visibility of their products, once they are handed over to the sales channels, missing the opportunity to keep a living link with both the product and the users.

Addressing this growing issue, Hi connect’s vision is to leverage smart connectivity to help appliance makers diversify their traditional business model through combined Product + Services strategies.

To this purpose, Hi connect offers a complete end-to-end IoT solution which allows brands to control and update the appliance’s capabilities over time, and to build evolving use cases by augmenting the appliance with cloud-based intelligence: this turns the appliance itself into a platform for the delivery of services, which can be customized in the light of data analytics.

Via the Hi connect APIs and data model abstractions , brands have the opportunity to expose products to new forms of integration such as contextual e-commerce and pay-per-use: ultimately, new ways can be created to monetize on service initiatives beyond the original sales revenue, towards a concept of Customer Lifetime Value.

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Hi connect enables manufacturers to create value through the differentiation of their offer.

Hi connect operates via end-to-end turn-key Solution Integration as one-stop-shop, exploiting embedded connectivity integration and IoT Mobile App development expertise and specific expertise in HVAC, Foodservice, Refrigeration and Home Appliances.


The Hi connect integrated Content Management System (CMS) allows any type of asset relevant to the IoT applications and services (texts, images, videos, metadata structures) to be curated, organized and dynamically linked.

The Hi connect Recipe Management System (RMS) is an extension of the CMS devised for brands in the foodservice and cooking appliances sectors: it allows to structure and create digital recipes associated to connected appliances with automated configurations and commands integrated into the recipe multistep execution.

Via the RMS APIs, Mobile Apps can create assisted wizards which simplify the user experience in the recipe execution and promote a brand awareness in the food journey.

Involve your Value Chain

The Value Chain Portal (VCP) module is a component of the Hi connect Suite through which brands can involve and engage their downstream Value Chain Partners thanks to the IoT Platform capabilities.

Particularly suited to the professional sector, the VCP allows to open to Dealers and After Sales Service Partners a selective use of the Hi connect Inventory, Diagnostics and Analytics tools.

Via “Technician mode” Mobile Apps, the VCP’s console becomes easily available to in-field staff, exposing pre-packaged analytics views that accelerate diagnostics insight and troubleshooting.


The Energy Management Integration (EMI) modules are components of the Hi connect Suite which allow connected appliances to participate to dynamic Energy Management use cases .

The business benefits enabled by the EMI are, among others:

  • Enablement of dynamic Demand Response use cases
  • Higher value and brand perception by end users thanks to energy efficiency proposition
  • Co-marketing with other stakeholders such as utilities and energy aggregators

Accelerate connectivity implementation

The Hi connect Suite comprises pre-integrated reference designs for WiFi and cellular networks that allow appliance manufacturers to accelerate the implementation of embedded connectivity.

The Hi connect Embedded Agent is the out-of-the-box embedded software application which encapsulates the appliance data for communication with the cloud backend.

It can be easily installed on both RTOS and LINUX based connectivity electronics and leverages the Hi connect IAME, a protocol optimized to bridge data exchange between the control and connectivity electronics over serial buses.

Exploit data to manage your services

The Hi connect Analytics allows to ingest, process and visualize historical and real time data relevant to the connected appliances states, events, failures, usage patterns.

The Hi connect Analytics comprises a complete data ingestion pipeline that allows to create abstracted data model and event representations, which can be used for enhanced analysis and innovative event-action patterns customizable via rule engines.

Usage scenarios enabled include:

  • Real time insight on the appliances state and working statistics for monitoring and diagnostics
  • Insight on the end users’ behavior and interaction with the products
  • Classification and triggering of actions based on composite event processing.


The Hi connect Suite is designed to facilitate the creation of engaging Mobile Apps that complement and extend the traditional product’s UI.

The Hi connect Mobile App Backend modules allow to create Mobile Apps enhanced by cloud-based functional components, with the following benefits:

  • Leaner business logic in the App code
  • Abstraction from appliances’ protocols
  • One unified App managing multiple product categories
  • Reduced cost and effort in App maintenance and evolution

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business benefits of smart connectivity

  • Increase the efficiency in After Sales processes

  • Get insight from product usage and performance

  • Generate
    up-selling and
    cross-selling opportunities

  • Create new Services around the product

  • Innovate the business model


Discover Hi connect functional subsystems features

M2M Backend

  • Devices connectivity and control
  • Data & Commands encapsulation
  • Multi-protocol handling
  • Device Authentication
  • Device data Normalization
  • Device status mirror
  • Device Provisioning
  • Firmware upgrade management
  • Connectivity Diagnostics & Analytics
  • Gateway remote management
  • Fieldbuses model mapping
  • Edge business logic

Service Enablement Platform

  • M2M abstraction
  • Devices virtualization
  • Big Data storage & analytics
  • Orchestration & core business logic
  • Applications Enablement
  • Northbound integration APIs
  • Mobile Apps APIs
  • Data models catalogue
  • Data models configuration tools
  • Rule Engine
  • Complex Events Processing
  • Administration Tools & Dashboards
  • Push Notifications engine
  • Content Management