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From showcase to purchase, a step into the future of shopping

Introducing the futuristic holographic pop-up store experience.

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Picture a captivating experience for your clients, where holographic technology takes center stage, empowering them to personalize products, witness them in mesmerizing high definition, and seamlessly conclude their purchases.

The holographic pop-up store experience

Reply's comprehensive solution offers a flawless approach to product virtualization within the physical store. The result is secured by a deep integration of the omnichannel processes with the opportunities made possible through the use of holographic visualization for garments and a Mobile Sales Experience within the clienteling app.

This totally new environment for physical store allow to integrate the "Make to Order" processes within traditional sales and customer experience, seamlessly. It is therefore possible to set up stores with a lower stock level or, even, without any physical goods, replaced by the holographic capabilities. By leveraging these opportunity, Reply enables retailers to deliver a truly transformative integrated retail experience.

How it works

The ultimate shopping journey

Engrossing customer onboarding

Upon entering the store, customers make first contact with the holographic display, which acts as a showcase for the various products, providing a stunning 3D representation that allows them to see and understand the true fit of the garments through video presentations of people wearing them. As the first step before starting their shopping experience, customers can self-check-in through a device connected to the holographic display and integrated with the retailer's CRM system. This enables them to search for themselves in the retailer's database or, in the case of a new customer, register their information.

Personalized product configuration

Customers are invited to indulge in a one-of-a-kind interactive engagement. Using the device, they can effortlessly configure products by selecting desired sizes, colors, and even fabric types. As they make their selections, the holographic display brings their avatar to life, showcasing a virtual representation of their personalized products.

Seamless purchase options

Once customers have finalized their selections, they have the freedom to choose their preferred purchase option. They can opt to have their goods delivered to their home or they can choose to collect them from the original store or any other store of their preference. This approach integrates well with an omnichannel strategy, seamlessly blending online and offline channels to deliver a cohesive and unified customer experience.

Payment & post-purchase

Customers can easily finalize their purchases and collect their items at the designated pick-up point. Moreover, retailers can take advantage of this opportunity to implement cross-selling and upselling strategies, aiming to enhance the customer experience and maximize sales potential.


How we did it

The fusion of 3D technology and omnichannel orchestration

The revolutionary holographic pop-up store was made possible thanks to the integration of two innovative Reply assets: the 3D Platform and the Omnichannel Retail Accelerator. The 3D platform has enabled the creation of realistic virtual representations of the products, which can be customized by clients through a 3D configurator: shapes, materials, colors and data make up the product digital twin, useful for enabling a high-level digital experience for the user.

Simultaneously, the Omnichannel Retail Accelerator facilitated seamless omnichannel processes, orchestrating the purchasing journey to offer a smooth and engaging experience, with options for delivery and in-store pickup. This synergy resulted in a transformative and highly personalized shopping experience for customers, paving the way to the future of shopping.

Prepare to be captivated by the future of retail

Discover our groundbreaking holographic solution, where endless possibilities converge, redefining the retail landscape for an unforgettable shopping experience.


Protocube Reply is the Reply Group company specialized in product digitization using the most innovative 3D technologies. It supports its customers in defining a 3D digital transformation roadmap, in particular with the implementation of the 3D Platform, a proprietary, highly customized and integrable Digital Product Creation solution. Protocube Reply develops 3D content and applications to exploit the advantages of 3D visualization in the communication and marketing of its customers. Moreover, it has a specific range of skills focused on product design and Additive Manufacturing.


Retail Reply is the Reply Group Company supporting customers in the Retail, fashion and consumer sectors, in capitalising on the opportunities offered by the digital transformation and customer experience, in-store and online. With a specific range of skills focused on the design of IT architectures, store implementation, loyalty programme management solutions, the creation of online and mobile customer experiences, omnichannel implementation through microservice architecture and capacity-based planning, Retail Reply supports its customers throughout the entire transformation process, from the definition of the digital strategy, to its planning and all the way to the implementation of the solution.

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