Immersive Experience Area

The Reply Center for next generation immersive experiences.

Dive into Extended Reality

At the Immersive Experience Area, companies have access to the latest 3D solutions and immersive tools that blur the boundaries between the physical and virtual world.

You will find a whole set of Extended Reality (XR) tools and use cases, covering Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) experiences. It includes stations equipped with HoloLens as well as the exclusive HoloBeam, a holographic telepresence solution.


Our demo area shows various scenarios from a company's core divisions – from sales and marketing, to design and manufacturing, maintenance and operation, as well as training and education.

Immersive Experience Area

Use cases


Innovative sales and commerce

Make use of an immersive experience to create a perfect and customized product presentation for the user. For example, automotive manufacturers and dealers could offer potential customers virtual test drives.


Increasing workforce productivity

Training, service, and maintenance reach a new level with the center’s AR, VR and MR applications. Supported by MR, Digital Twins and IoT, an engineer can remotely manage maintenance services or check whether a virtual component fits into a real machine.


A lot more than

An exclusive feature of the Immersive Experience Area is Reply's holographic telepresence solution, HoloBeam. Beyond full color video, it adds 3D depth and spacial motion – a groundbreaking technology capable of transforming remote collaboration.

Ready for the future

The way we perceive and interact with the virtual world is changing into a rich, multidimensional and multimodal experience. We are moving from the age of "Hands & Touch" where we operate buttons with our hands, to an age of "Mind & Body" where our body serves as the user interface. It will be the next big paradigm shift for customers and workforce facing immersive experiences.

Ready for 5G

Reply's Immersive Experience Area also embraces 5G, a promising development that enables widespread XR streaming. With low end-to-end latencies, Immersive Experiences can be expanded and the degree of interactivity for future mobile XR solutions can be significantly increased.


Unleash the immersive potential


Reply’s Immersive Experience Area offers the newest generation of HoloLens and HTC Vive Pro, which are characterized by precise tracking and robust handling. The center is equipped with a sound system perfectly tailored to the venue, as well as a 10sqm LED wall.


Do you want to learn how your AR, VR or MR application benefits from the newest developments in immersive experience or from Human Machine Interfaces? Feel free to ask us anything about the integration of newest technology into your Virtual Reality use cases.


The use of immersive technologies requires specific tools and methods. Reply is your ideal partner for all steps - from ideation to implementation of an AR / VR / MR application.


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