Digital Assets

The concept of digital ownership is key to the future of the internet. It’s time to turn your assets into digital assets.

A quick primer:

What they are

Thanks to blockchain and distributed technologies, today we have the opportunity to create digital assets representing any good or tool (physical or digital), transfer them securely, and build entirely new systems based on the 'token economy'.


Decentralised virtual currencies, not issued or monitored by any central authority.


Non-fungible tokens, digital representations of unique assets.

Digital currency

Digital currencies function similarly to cryptocurrencies, but their value is equal to legal tender (e.g., stablecoins) or directly issued by Central Banks (CBDC).

Security token

Digital representation of an investment tool or product, issued, held and transferred on distributed blockchain technology. They can represent Real Estate, Private Equity, Private Debt, Works of Art, etc.

Digital assets for industrial application

Digital representation of a physical asset (digital twin) or natively digital asset tracked on the blockchain to ensure data transparency and immutability, as well as traceability in contexts with multiple players.

Services enabled

All Digital Asset categories are based on a common operating model and technology architecture. We enable our clients – such as bank and asset managers, as well as industrial companies and retailers – to operate within this new value chain.


A tool to own digital assets and transfer them to the blockchain.


Wallet private key custody and management service.

Exchange / Trading

Market access platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies/tokens.

Digital payments

Acceptance of payments in cryptocurrency and other digital assets.

Analysis / Intelligence

Blockchain transaction analysis and reporting service to ensure AML compliance.

Asset marketplace

Marketplace for the exchange of digital assets such as NFTs.

Issuing platform

Platform for issuing new digital assets such as security tokens and NFTs.


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