Case Study

Dialogue with Luigi Einaudi thanks to artificial intelligence

How we transformed the cultural legacy of the economist Luigi Einaudi into an interactive experience accessible to everyone, thanks to artificial intelligence.

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The challenge

Making Luigi Einaudi's economic thought accessible and relevant to an increasingly large audience, overcoming any physical and generational barriers

The idea

Liberal thinking. Current dialogue.

Luigi Einaudi's writings, preserved in the archives of the Einaudi Foundation, represent a precious resource.

They not only provide insight into the historical figure but also offer a profound understanding of his economic thought, encouraging reflection on current issues. The value of this heritage, however, cannot always be easily transmitted to a wide audience, especially the new generations.

So, we decided to take advantage of the enormous potential of artificial intelligence and 3D real time to create a cutting-edge experience that is simultaneously simple, natural, and accessible to everyone, like a conversation.


Face to Face with Luigi Einaudi

To offer a unique and realistic experience, we focused on the fundamental dimensions of a dialogue: content, visual experience and interaction. We have thus created a digital human, available on the Einaudi Foundation website, which not only reproduces Luigi Einaudi's appearance in a hyperrealistic way, but above all, it can answer questions in a way that aligns with the historical figure's thoughts.

Through voice or text, you can engage in conversations with Luigi Einaudi on topics found in his economic texts, including monopoly, competition, monetary policy, currency, fiscal policy, budget, market, banking, taxes, and inflation, or to ask questions about his biography.

The project

A networking job

The project, a collaboration between the Einaudi Foundation, the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, and Reply, was carried out through a holistic approach. This approach combined historical and economic research with the use of advanced AI and 3D real time technologies, aiming to make Luigi Einaudi's intellectual legacy more accessible and relevant to an increasingly broad audience.

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