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Speed-to-market and the quality of products and services are differentiating factors in a market environment that is increasingly more competitive and technologically complex. For today’s companies, Test Automation is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Concept Reply has designed an effective Test Automation solution that is scalable and flexible, based on a technological and methodological Framework. The Global Test Automation Centre enables customers to monitor the quality of their products and services both during development and after the commercial launch, through valuable tools designed to monitor the maturity of a product or service during its life cycle.

The framework

Through years of experience and research, Concept Reply has developed a methodological Framework that facilitates the integration of Test Automation in the business processes of companies, simplifying its adoption.

The technological Framework of the Global Test Automation Centre consists of seven main test modules.

1. Integrated Control & Monitoring Center

2. Planning & Configuration

3. Stress & Performance Test

4. Test Results

5. AI & ML

6. Visual Testing & Computer Vision

7. Health Status Monitoring

Discover the Test Automation Centre

Thanks to the Test Automation Centre, Concept Reply is able to intervene at an early stage to contain unexpected emergencies and critical issues, and understand the underlying causes of the problems that arise. The framework Concept Reply has developed also allows to constantly monitor the quality of the product or service throughout its lifecycle, anticipating potential problems and setting up corrective actions to avoid negative impacts on end customers and reduce future costs. The recent introduction of validation and monitoring techniques based on AI/ML has helped to improve verification performance in technically complex cases, optimising the main Quality Assurance processes (test selection, data preparation, maintenance, etc.).

Key services

A specific offer in Testing and Quality Monitoring Services for key markets


In the automotive industry, the use of in-vehicle electronics and software is growing exponentially. In this context, Global Test Automation is able to provide support for the validation of Infotainment and Navigation systems, Telematic Boards, Body Computers and Instrumental Panel Clusters, also intervening in their integration at the car and/or truck system level.


The services offered by the Global Test Automation Centre can help companies with Ecommerce portals in their Quality Review and Brand Perception processes, during online product purchasing experiences. Within the Centre, it is possible to validate sales platforms and measurement tools that reproduce the end-to-end experience, with the aim of achieving and maintaining an excellent level of quality and sentiment perceived by the end customer.


In the process of digital evolution and transformation of the banking and insurance industry, the Global Test Automation Centre can provide end-to-end support, from the strategic choice of the technological environment to the validation of the services offered on the various devices. Thanks to targeted market analyses (browsers, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches), it is possible to assess the maintenance of a high level of quality perception along with the technological evolution of the devices themselves.

Telco & Media

The Telco & Media industry, permeated by an ever-increasing number of connected devices, constantly needs to guarantee an adequate Customer Experience to end users. Thanks to the expertise gained in Field Test, System Test, Network Test, Acceptance Test and Customer Experience, the experts of the Global Test Automation Centre can provide consultancy and acceptance services to Network Operators, OTT (Over-The-Top) companies and Media and Electronics manufacturers for the validation of elements of the end-to-end chain such as Devices, Networks, Services and Applications.


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