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Say “Hello!” to digital humans

Revolutionize your digital presence with AI-powered digital humans: the ultimate solution for human-like interaction at infinite scale.

What is a digital human?

An advanced social interface that facilitates natural and empathetic interactions between people and digital ecosystems.

Characteristics of digital humans


Digital humans are designed with extreme aesthetic, behavioral, and communicative realism to create a greater sense of identification, allowing for empathetic interactions that feel like human touch.


Powered by generative AI trained to specific knowledge bases, they possess a tone of voice that reflects the user's sentiment through sentiment analysis on the reference target.


With AI algorithms for emotion recognition, digital humans can provide coherent answers based on the context, enabling a bi-directional relationship and making them empathetic.

Why digital humans are an exciting prospect for your business

Digital humans can assist businesses in improving customer experience and strengthening brand identity by providing fresh opportunities for content creation. Through their capacity to comprehend language and context, embody a brand's identity and values, and create empathetic interactions, they offer unique ways for brands to connect with their audience.

Ways to use digital humans

Digital humans offer a versatile range of applications that cater to specific customer experience requirements.

Digital Assistant

Digital assistants are designed to improve customer service. While brands typically use chatbots as assistants, digital humans are the perfect solution for providing customer support.

Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador represents and advertises a company, supporting its offers and acting as the embodiment of the company's corporate identity through words and actions. Digital humans are the next frontier of the brand ambassador.

Trainer and Onboarding Mentor

Digital trainers can support onboarding and workplace training with gamified sessions, reminders, feedback, and coaching. These assistants can speed up learning making it more engaging.

Shopping Assistant and Sales Agent

Digital assistants can assist users in purchasing products, showing them, and wearing them, and even proactively advising the user on actions such as buying a new product or finalizing an ongoing process.

Digital Expert

A digital expert can produce content on specific topics using generative AI and serve as a speaker during presentations. With advanced language processing and a natural-sounding voice, they can effectively communicate complex concepts to audiences.

Applications of digital humans

Looking for a solution to enhance your event, store, immersive experience, or web support? Our system integration capabilities can help design the perfect digital human solution for your specific scenario and touchpoint.

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Totem concierge in-store

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Immersive Experience & Virtual Showroom

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Product integration

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Web cross device

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Out of home

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Social media & advertisement

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Virtual Environment

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Our framework for your digital human ecosystem

Thanks to Machine Learning Reply and Infinity Reply's skills, we have developed a framework to support you through the entire adoption journey for your digital human ecosystem. With our expertise in design, technology, and system integration, we can cover all aspects of the roadmap and make your digital human vision a reality.


Strategy definition

Brand transformation solutions
Brand consistency
Brand identity
Business & marketing goals


Body and face design

Production Technologies
Authoring platforms
Clothing & content creation
Avatars types and visual languages
Interoperability platforms/devices


Voice synthesis and animation

Speech synthesis
Vocal Interfaces
Animation automation / Lips Sync


Intelligent avatar development

Conversational agents
Artificial Intelligence
Avatar behavior
Avatar expression


System integration solutions

Market products
Hybrid solutions
Tailored solutions
Process and system integration

Step into advanced 3D & AI

Are you set to design your own Digital Human and open the door to immersive, hyper-real experiences?

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