Case Study

Journey to low-code

Speed, fast deploy, simple maintenance, security and scalability: these are the key features of the low-code solution we implemented in Banca Generali.

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Redefine the existing application portfolio using a low-code approach

In the field of office automation, Banca Generali manages an ecosystem of about 70 applications used daily to support its operational activities. In accordance with the guidelines of the new strategic business plan focused on innovation, the bank has decided to review and optimize development processes in this application area. With the support of Ki Reply, Banca Generali tackled the challenge by choosing the OutSystems low-code platform, which is capable of ensuring security, rapid implementation, multidisciplinary team collaboration, and centralization.

Agility and speed of development

The implemented solution allows total compliance with the concepts of Composable Business Architecture with regard to maximum agility and speed of development.


reduction in development time


standardized and grouped applications


weeks to deliver the first MVP


months for the first project carried out independently by Banca Generali

The data from all applications have been rationalized to optimize their processing and extraction, while maintaining centralized data governance, with the aim of eliminating redundant flows identified during the initial analysis. OutSystems has enabled complete cloud integration, which has allowed Banca Generali to manage all data and information in a simple, secure, and scalable way. The platform's flexibility has also made it possible to create integration modules for simple interconnection with third-party systems.

Check out our low-code adoption framework


Banca Generali is a private bank that supports customers in the care and protection of their assets with innovative and sustainability-oriented solutions, thanks to a network of consultants at the top of the sector. We are a private bank built on the value of people, their skills, and the relationship of trust with customers. We take care of their life plans and specialize in protecting their entire family's assets. We have a long-term strategy focused on sustainable development that creates value for all stakeholders revolving around the bank. In a few years, we have reached the top of the financial sector, remaining the sixth bank in the Italian market by capitalization and one of the most recognized companies in the sector in Italy.

KI Reply


Ki Reply is a new company within the Reply Group that was born with the ambition to change the world of software development and challenge the status quo regarding the development model used to date to build digital products and services for our customers.
We were born with this goal in mind, in order to help our clients to meet the now outsized demand for new digital processes and services, from B2C applications for prospect engagement to onboarding processes for new services, from self-service portals to sales support applications for the agent network. To achieve this ambitious goal, we have defined the lifecycle of next-generation software development that allows the developer to focus on real value-added tasks, optimize all phases of software development, improve IT/Business communication with the creation of the Citizen Developer figure, and ultimately lead to the reduction of project time/costs.