Reply Cloud Service Providers Monitor

The Reply Cloud Service Providers Monitor is a quarterly report that collects and analyses news from leading cloud service providers.

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Understand Cloud Service Providers offering with Reply

The Reply Cloud Service Providers Monitor is a quarterly report produced by Reply's team of cloud architects and experts specialising in the four leading Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Through an ongoing survey, all CSP announcements are collected, analysed and evaluated to identify cloud technology development trends and potential applications in the enterprise.

Reply's analysis delves into each CSP announcement with a focus on technical and commercial opportunities arising from the introduction of new cloud services and products, and significant upgrades to existing services. By examining these developments, the Reply Cloud Service Providers Monitor provides not only a summary of key cloud developments, but also a guide to adopting the latest cloud technologies and optimising digital processes and strategies.

The main Cloud Service Providers analysed in the report


Amazon Web
Services (AWS)




Google Cloud


Oracle Cloud

Leverage on Reply’s knowledge of cloud market

The Reply Cloud Service Providers Monitor capitalises on the global alliances between Reply and major Cloud Service Providers. This strategic collaboration grants us a reliable access to a wealth of market opportunities and cutting-edge technical innovations. Through these alliances, we can provide our clients with invaluable insights and opportunities to leverage the latest advancements in cloud technologies.