Made up of a network of highly-specialised companies in different areas of expertise, Reply's defining characteristics are its knowledge, flexible structure, and commitment to technological innovation, which enable it to anticipate market evolution and discern new technology drivers.

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Half Year Report 30 June 2024


Consolidated results for Third Quarter 2024


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Our ethical values are aligned with local legislation as well as international norms and guidelines. They apply to all our operations and any contributing parties, solutions and other business activities.

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Making a difference

"Make forward" for us also means taking concrete action to make the change we want to see in the world happen, and to involve as many actors as possible in this transformation: people, companies, communities.

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Shareholders’ meeting

23.04.2024 - Approved the Financial Statements for the financial year 2023, consolidated turnover of 2,118.0 million (€1,891.1 million in 2022) and Group net profits of 186.7 million (€191.0 million in 2022). The proposal to distribute a dividend of €1.00 per share has been approved, and resolutions in relation to the purchase and/or sale of treasury shares.

Extraordinary transactions

Here you can find relevant documents for extraordinary transactions conducted by Reply S.p.A., relative to:​

• merger of Reply Deutschland
syskoplan's acquisition
IPO Prospectus


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