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Reply Area 360 center is a laboratory dedicated to the development and testing of Real-time 3D interactive immersive experiences, and virtual and augmented reality solutions.

A full range of digital touchpoints demo areas can be used to demonstrate how to leverage this tech to create immersive experiences, providing a comprehensive overview of the various options available for 3D visualization and implementation of simulated and connected realities aiming at the Metaverse.

To complete the range of services on offer, the center is also showcasing a number of small-scale interactive solutions based on consumer devices which demonstrate the potential and the scalability of virtual and augmented reality.

AREA 360 laboratories

Simulation & Training

Solutions for 3D and VR simulations for training, unlocking opportunities to improve the quality and trajectory of today’s connected workforce, along with our customizable Smart Maintenance XR solution.

Collaboration & Review

Custom solutions for technical design review, handover meeting and virtual tour. Solutions are designed based on product characteristics, production flow and team needs.

3D Visualization and Digital Twin

Solutions for product presentation, 3D interactive visualization​ and remote configuration, real-time cross-device rendered or streamed.

Digital Experiences

When it comes to real-time entertainment, it’s all about experience. We support clients with the development of custom solutions or the creation of a brand presence in open worlds and platforms to create experiential touch points in the Metaverse.


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