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Visit our IoT Validation Lab and discover how to build or test the interconnected solution you are looking for.

Supporting IoT product development in compliance with the highest standards of quality

In the IoT Validation Lab, Concept Reply supports customers over the entire life cycle of IoT connected products and IoT custom solutions: from field surveys and IoT advisory to IoT solution design, integration, validation and deployment. We can rely on R&D-experienced people who, along with state-of-the-art lab equipment, advises customers on IoT devices and network deployments to select the most effective connectivity solutions, validate and manage the entire process of the selected solution deployment.

Concept Reply’s IoT know-how covers the actual end-to-end perspective of the entire IoT ecosystem, considering all touch points and mastering the technologies from the physical layer to the back-end’s digital applications. Our services embrace different domains, such as Automotive, Telco, Manufacturing, Energy, Appliances, Logistics, and any domain oriented to promoting the IoT technological innovation.

Dive into the IoT Validation Lab

In the IoT Validation Lab we support our customers in field sensorisation and digitalisation, connectivity issues, IoT audio applications and the product pre-certification prior to its commercial launch. In addition, we can assess the entire IoT solution from the environmental sustainability and energy efficiency viewpoints, predicting the deterioration of materials over time and the actual life of field components.

Connectivity Lab

IoT devices are becoming pervasive in the environments in which we live and work. To communicate, these devices rely on a range of wireless technologies (BLE, Wi-Fi 6, 5G, NB-IoT, LoRa, etc...). Each node in an IoT ecosystem needs to be efficient in terms of RF transmission and reception considering its placement and surrounding environment, as well as to be connected and communicating as specified by the requirements within a proper network topology.

The IoT Connectivity & RF lab makes it possible to design antennas and wireless-connectivity interfaces, or optimising them in terms of both transmission and reception, in a controlled environment. Field problems are identified and appropriate actions are recommended to prevent or resolve them, thus enabling companies to optimise the resulting connectivity performance.


  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) & Electromagnetic Immunity (EMI)

  • Connectivity Design & Engineering

  • Over The Air (OTA) Testing

  • Radiofrequency Testing

  • Radiofrequency 3D Simulation

Audio Lab

Audio is integrated in many IoT applications nowadays, including consumer goods, wearables and medical equipment, automotive units and entertainment systems, automation and industrial control applications. Designing and deploying a high-quality, uninterrupted audio subsystem can be a challenge, given that even tighter environmental constraints are being put in place by a variety of IoT-based devices for professional use.

The IoT Audio & Acoustics lab supports customers in enabling and designing, or optimising, audio and speech in a wide range of applications, mitigating the negative effect of acoustically critical environments thanks to our strong engineering skills and best-in-class equipment. We can run audio performance assessments and optimisation by pursuing a top-notch Quality of Service and the best resulting Quality of Experience.


  • Audio Quality Assessment

  • Audio Characterisation & Optimisation

  • Audio Design & Engineering

  • Acoustic Simulation

  • Audio & Acoustic Tests

  • Audio Performance Benchmarking

Reliability Lab

The predictability of a product duration and correct functioning during its entire life cycle is definitely a key point to keep the CAPEX under control in your organisation. And indeed, not just that: assessing and improving the energy efficiency of IoT devices is key to promoting a sustainable deployment towards a greener economic development. The IoT Reliability & ALT lab makes it possible to perform a complete series of reliability tests, such as Accelerated Life Testing (ALT), or to evaluate the correct functioning of a product under the environmental-condition values it was designed for. These activities can be performed by inducing high levels of thermal and mechanical stress, dust intrusion and extensive UV-exposure on the equipment under test. In addition, we can conduct a study on the deterioration of materials and electronic components due to the natural placement in the ecosystem of use and test the durability of the battery by simulating the actual usage scenarios by means of advanced ageing methodologies.


  • Dust intrusion

  • Thermal & Climatic: Thermal Shock

  • Thermal & Climatic: Dewing Test

  • Hardware Assessment & Benchmarking

  • Battery Testing and Consumption Analysis

  • Abrasion, Vibration

  • Design Support: Ultra High Speed Video

Key Services

IoT Advisory

We help our customers find the right IoT solution: we run technical assessment and benchmarking over different IoT market-solutions and products to support customers in choosing the most suitable one

IoT Enable a legacy product

We introduce connected devices and IoT technology in our customers’ businesses by driving the implementation of the best solution, either from those available on the market or by designing and developing a fully customised one

Fast-prototype & Field Trial Support

Quick validation of IoT solutions: we fast-prototype and manage Proof of Concepts and Field Trials to evaluate new IoT solutions, from both a functional and a performance viewpoint

End-to-end validation

We can let our customers rely on an actual end-to-end Quality Assurance process, as we can validate an IoT ecosystem from the edge (IoT sensors) to the back-end layer and the IoT digital applications offered on top

IoT Governance as-a-Service

IoT project management As-a-Service to govern IoT projects though all the project stages, from its strategic design phase to the actual implementation and Go Live

Application Areas

IoT Products

Digitally transform the customers’ businesses by converting an object into a connected device

Technology Advisory

Perform the right market choice, or connect the product with a custom implementation

Design Guidelines

Make the best choice of hardware components and layout

Get Ready to Certify

Have a smoother certification process and go-to-market with a quality product

Connectivity solutions

Customise the local IoT-network by choosing the best connectivity technology and interconnection topology to make the business effective

Customised connectivity

Pick and optimise functionality and performance of communication among connected objects

Prototype your solution

Simulate, experiment and realise efficient and cost-effective IoT communication in the local environment

Final Validation

Tune and optimise IoT propotypes prior to mass production

Connected services

End-to-end validate the connected system, certifying actual performance and the correct interoperability between field devices and the IoT platform

Analysis & Optimisation

Discover how to improve the performance of the overall IoT solution

Green IoT validation

Run an actual end-to-end validation, from edge (IoT field Sensors) to the back-end, by assessing the energy efficiency and environmental impact of the IoT solution


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