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Effectively integrate ESG into the corporate vision

Case Study

A luxury automotive leader is adopting innovative ESG strategies to redefine its sustainability standards.

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The path to sustainable business models

Best Practice

In the era of transparency and the growing expectation of stakeholders, companies are facing the challenge of compliance and innovation. In this context, Reply Consulting guides organisations towards integrated sustainability capable of generating value.

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Assisted coding for financial institutions

Case Study

Boosting software developer efficiency through AI-powered agents and contextual knowledge.

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Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA): from compliance to opportunity

White Paper

In the digital age, financial sectors confront escalating cyber risks. Reply presents a strategic approach for DORA compliance, shedding light on the EU's Digital Operational Resilience Act.

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Wealth Management observatory | Q1 2024


As of March 31 of 2024 there has been an increase in AUM of approximately €111 billion compared to the figure recorded in Q1 2023 (+15%). Find out more in the extract from e*finance Wealth Management Reply's Quantitative Observatory.

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