Case Study

Magnum Michelangelo: Social Media Campaign & AR Experiences

Magnum wanted to leverage on the iconicity of the Renaissance art period for the launch campaign of the new "Magnum Michelangelo” ice cream. To do so we engaged pleasure creators, today's Michelangelos, through a social campaign and two augmented reality experiences in which technology and innovative tools enable the unique encounter between taste and art.


Social Media Campaign

Key visuals with a great aesthetic impact mixing art and reality.

Marble models

Custom 3D marble statues, shaped based on faces and poses of our campaign subjects, are captured contemplating the new Magnum ice cream.


The social media campaign also included:

  • Videos where the mix of Magnum Michelangelo’s colors, flavors and textures evoke colors, materials and lines of Renaissance paintings and sculptures.

  • An IG Filter with a renaissance colonnade framing faces with golden or a magenta lens that recalls the colors of the ice cream ingredients: white chocolate and raspberries.

Augmented reality Experience

An immersive and ‘augmented’ experience of the pleasure powered by Magnum Michelangelo

The pleasure atelier


Accessible through in-store display materials, users can access a virtual 3D world. A virtual marble can be crossed in the real world to open onto AR 3D simulation of a Renaissance atelier.

Exploring this virtual setting, and searching for the artist's tools (canvases, brushes and marble blocks), users came across multimedia content that revealed the ingredients of the new Magnum Michelangelo.


The creation of a masterpiece

Through the in-store Algida signage, a three-dimensional and virtual version of the new ice cream materializes.

Starting with a block of marble chocolate, and then adding raspberries (as if they were color pigments), users can create their own Magnum Michelangelo. And so the masterpiece is created, tap after tap, just like a Renaissance sculpture.


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