Case Study

Racing ahead with Sabelt's digital upgrade

Through its collaboration with Reply, Sabelt, a global player in automotive safety and high-end manufacturing for car seats and racewear, has embraced digital transformation to enhance efficiency and drive innovation.


Embracing tailored digital solutions with Reply’s support, Sabelt has optimised its manufacturing and supply chain management, leading to quicker market response times and a reinforced commitment to delivering quality, tailor-made products.

Boosting operations with Reply’s expertise

LEA Reply™ for
logistics excellence

The LEA Reply™ solution has revolutionised Sabelt’s supply chain management, streamlining logistics operations to provide unmatched efficiency and adaptability. This solution enhances warehouse activities, allowing Sabelt to rapidly meet changing market demands while upholding their high-quality standards.

BRICK Reply™ in production management

With BRICK Reply™, we’ve redefined Sabelt’s manufacturing processes, ensuring seamless integration and synchronisation across all production stages. This alignment with Sabelt’s quality control measures boosts their capability to manufacture premium, custom automotive and aerospace components efficiently.

Integrated operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Implementing the ERP system from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite, we’ve created a unified operational ecosystem for Sabelt. This integration provides a consolidated, real-time view of production and logistics, enhancing strategic decision-making and business management throughout the organisation.


Sabelt was founded in 1972 and started as a manufacturer of safety seatbelts for original equipment. Over the years, the expansion of the compulsory nature of seatbelts brought about new production systems allowing the company to consolidate and develop an extensive knowledge of buckle systems, seatbelts and complex retention systems. This technological foundation made it possible to create specific systems for racing cars, in which extreme conditions and safety requirements posed a challenge that was not easy to conquer. Having achieved industry leadership, Sabelt has expanded its range by also dedicating itself to high-end sports road car accessories and niche markets, becoming the European leader in the development and production of 3 different businesses: Racing, OEM (original equipment seats) and belts for special applications.