Area Phi

Reply’s innovation hub, new technologies to rethink the future.

Empowering business excellence through innovation

Area Phi represents the continuous investment into innovation that Reply so firmly believes in.

Through the exploration of new technologies such as edge computing, digital engagement tools and enhanced reality systems, our London labs present a space for our experts to turn creativity into efficient and practical projects and develop new tools, new paths and better platforms to pave the way for the industries, the workplace and the society of the future.

The innovation process

Exploration, experimentation and transformation

Area Phi, the hub where technology is leveraged and paired with the ingenuity of our experts, to come up with new solutions to multiple industry challenges. Through continuous experimentation, ongoing training and design thinking our experts conceptualise new approaches and strive for a brighter tomorrow.

Area Phi presents an excellent opportunity for our guests to experience first-hand how we tackle projects in selected sectors and to immerse themselves in the process of developing new solutions with the latest technologies.

Purpose-driven innovation

The ongoing collaboration with our customers enables Reply to gain a deeper understanding of industry needs, which our experts translate into actionable and tangible insights and strategies to drive organisations forward.

Designing the tomorrow starting today

We harness the spirit of innovation to engineer bespoke solutions and POCs that are not only tailored to our customer's specific needs but also take into account what lies ahead, to keep up with the everchanging markets and ecosystems.

Immersive experiences

Our experts work with existing tech and bring new prototypes to life. These can not only be seen and experienced, as our lab experts will also explain their potential uses, their integrations and how these can be personalised within different business contexts.

Inside Area Phi

In our London labs, our experts work with the latest technologies to discover new ways to innovate and develop new approaches towards our customer’s business models.


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Area Phi


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