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We specialise in integration scenarios around robotics and Reality Capture with mixed reality. Our solutions include AI capabilities with sensor-based anomaly detection, and fleet management for the Internet of Robotic Things.

Software for I/O
and edge services

We develop innovative software solutions for autonomous systems with a focus on edge computing and software-defined systems using highly complex algorithms and powerful controllers for maximum performance.

Computer vision
and deep learning

We offer comprehensive AI services, especially in the areas of computer vision and deep learning. This includes data identification, selection of a suitable architecture, training of the neural network, optimisation of the models, path planning and motion prediction.


We develop No-Code platforms to integrate AI-Skills and configure Robot's Autonomous Missions. We embrace AI to simplify Human-Robot interaction and allow Users to operate and monitor robots focusing more on the value added by the automation.

Our case studies

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Case Study

Predictive Maintenance with SPOT

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News and insights

Fabric and Reply join forces to elevate Fabric’s Robotic Capabilities

Fabric and Reply announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership to offer brands and retailers a seamless integration to a single point solution for a warehouse management system (WMS) and automated robotic fulfillment.

Roboverse Reply wins AIRA Challenge 2022 with Spot® from Boston Dynamics

Roboverse Reply is the winner of the AIRA Challenge (Advanced Industrial Robotic Applications), an international competition to automate inspection in chemical production facilities by leveraging on robotics technology.

Area42: the new development centre for robotics, advanced mobility and VR


Today Reply inaugurates Area42, the new applied research centre focused on developing the most innovative technologies.

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SPOT, a quadruped robot at the service of archaeology to inspect archaeological areas and structures in safety

One of the latest monitoring operations of the archaeological structures was recently carried out with the aid of Spot, a quadruped robot capable of inspecting even the smallest of spaces in complete safety, gathering and recording data useful for the study and planning of interventions.
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