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We push innovation to enable new digital models

Area42 is a laboratory for experimenting and transforming creative ideas into reality, utilising the potential of the most cutting-edge technology in the fields of robotics, advanced mobility and virtual reality.

The innovation process

A space to share, explore and experiment

In the Co-Design Workshops at Area42, customers and our experts have the opportunity to let their imagination run wild, driven by the technology in the laboratory, to design innovative prototypes and apply them to real use cases.

A holistic approach that seamlessly combines design thinking methodologies with innovative technologies to create new business concepts.


Share and grow

After carefully listening to our customers and understanding their demands, we develop new ideas and transform needs into concrete business goals.


Discover what's next

We effectively combine technology and creativity to design concrete and tailored solutions based on the customer's specific requirements.


Make it real

Based on the experience and dedication of our experts, we produce real prototypes that can be felt, tested and adapted to any business context.

Area42 in action: our research areas

We explore the most cutting-edge technology to find new areas of implementation that can help bring innovation to our customers’ business models.

In Area42 you can discover digital factory and additive manufacturing projects carried out in partnership with CIM4.0



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