Case Study

DISH Order: development

of a fair online ordering system

We supported Hospitality Digital – a subsidiary of the METRO Group that provides digital solutions for the hospitality industry – in the concept and the development of a new digital system for managing restaurant delivery services.

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With common delivery services, restaurateurs usually have to pay a high commission. Hospitality Digital wanted to give them more independence.


Services for restaurants during the pandemic

Hospitality Digital develops and sells digital solutions for the hospitality industry. A specialty of Hospitality Digital: reservation systems. But who needs a reservation for a restaurant that they are not allowed to enter because of the lockdown? With our support, Hospitality Digital therefore started looking for new ideas during the Corona pandemic with which the company could help restaurateurs even during the crisis.

A market analysis suggested a new online ordering system for restaurants, which should differ significantly from existing offerings in one respect. With common delivery services, restaurateurs usually have to pay a high commission. Hospitality Digital wanted to give them more independence.


The Solution

DISH Order

Thanks to the web application we developed and the Android-based terminal app DISH Order, restaurateurs are given more freedom. Using the app you can easily create your own online shop via an admin panel. Orders can also be managed via this panel. In addition, restaurateurs do not have to join a higher-level platform when using DISH Order. They can use the app for a fixed monthly price. This is independent of the volume of dishes sold.

Thanks to these advantages, DISH Order has continuously reached new markets and is now used in several European countries. Thanks to the close cooperation of various specialist departments, such as Marketing, Sales and Legal, the product was quickly adapted to country-specific requirements.


How we did It

Together to the new product

When developing the new digital solution DISH Order, Hospitality Digital was able to rely on Reply's accumulated experience. A total of nine Reply companies were involved in the project. They supported Hospitality Digital with the following steps:

Putting together a Scrum team

This Scrum team should be responsible for the concrete implementation of the project.

Development of a concept

A concrete concept was developed using the Business Model Canvas. We helped in particular with prioritizing and designing the individual functionalities of the product.

Development and use of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

In order to validate the feasibility and, above all, the demand from restaurateurs, an MVP was implemented within six weeks. This was validated by means of a test market together with restaurant owners.


The MVP has been further developed into a mature product through infrastructure adjustments and scaled-agile approaches to the management of product connections.

Hospitality Digital


Hospitality Digital (HD) was established in 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary of METRO AG to develop digital solutions that contribute to the success of HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, and caterers). Under the DISH brand, HD provides competitive solutions for some of the most pressing challenges of the industry. More than 220.000 restaurateurs across 16 countries already use digital solutions of Hospitality Digital to improve their business performance.