Case Study

Redefining IT system integration with an API-first approach

Sky Italia, with the support of Live Reply, has created a modern and automated cloud platform, capable of optimising quality and time to market for newly created digital services that the broadcaster offers to its customer base. The platform also facilitates the evolution and solidity of those that already exist.

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THE challenge

Create a middleware architecture in the cloud with an API-first approach that can guarantee observability, operational efficiency and reduced latency.


Overcoming the limits of an integration layer based on legacy software

Sky Italia, one of the main Italian media companies and part of the Sky group, has faced an important challenge in its digital transformation journey: evolving the middleware used by corporate systems. The existing solution, based on legacy software, was no longer able to manage the scalability and observability of the systems that Sky Italia needed.

The company then requested the support of Live Reply to create a new cloud platform that would take advantage of the API-first approach and services managed with automatic scaling processes, and at the same time would reduce operational management costs.


The solution

Cloud and infrastructure as a code: a cutting-edge middleware

Live Reply has designed the new middleware architecture for Sky Italia by adopting an API-first approach based on the API Gateway of Kong Inc., a leader in the cloud-native API sector. The new architecture was implemented on the AWS cloud, according to the “Infrastructure as a Code” paradigm to automate the creation of environments and reuse the infrastructure components created. Once the infrastructure was developed, the API-based integration models were designed and a set of APIs was implemented to support some functionalities requested by business users: authentication for consulting digital properties, purchase of digital properties, creation and activation of billing positions, creation of new users on CRM. Thanks to its modularity, this architecture can be easily replicated in other business areas, allowing Opex to be improved by eliminating repetitive tasks, and minimising maintenance activities.



ApiOps procedures for securely publishing APIs

The description of each implemented API was drafted with the Open API formalism, establishing strict rules for the management of error codes. In addition, a 'domain-driven' approach has been adopted for the nomenclature of API exposure paths, creating a catalog (known as 'API Inventory') to simplify access to the documentation of existing APIs. Subsequently, ApiOps procedures were implemented to make the publication of new APIs completely automated and error-free. Finally, Sky Italia was provided with tools for troubleshooting, monitoring and alarming based on AWS, together with dashboards and business-oriented reporting to analyse product trends and business trends.

The results

API Ops, integration layer and the future of customer experience: more time for innovation


An accelerated time-to-market (TTM), thanks to the recycling of existing well-documented services within the “Inventory API”.


A consolidated ApiOps pipeline for generating new solutions.


A better CX, thanks to the monitoring system that allows Sky executives to observe business performance also through mobile interfaces.


More confidence in planning new integrations and reducing the mean time to repair (MTTR), allowing the middleware team to dedicate more time to innovation.


Sky Italia is a media & entertainment company founded in 2003. It is part of the Sky group, one of the leading entertainment groups in Europe, controlled by Comcast Corporation, an international media & technology company. Sky distributes its pay offer via satellite and via the Internet. NOW is the OTT service that allows you to stream Sky's cinema, entertainment and sports content. With the channels TV8, Cielo and Sky Tg24, Sky is also present in free to air on digital terrestrial. The company promotes responsible business, the protection of the environment and the fight against digital inequality. With the Sky Zero campaign, it has committed itself to becoming net zero carbon by 2030.


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