Case Study

Intelligent diagnostics for

on-board systems

Data Reply has partnered with FPT Industrial for the design and development of advanced diagnostic techniques for connected vehicles, based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence




An increasingly data-centric automotive industry

The automotive industry’s application sector is becoming more and more data-centric thanks, in large part, to the increasing integration of on-board electronics and mechatronics.

Indeed, the sensors implemented on board produce enormous information potential, collecting relevant data on the operation of vehicles, including errors and malfunctions.

FPT Industrial, a leading company in the design and production of propulsion systems for on-road and off-road applications, uses these technologies to monitor the functioning of all the core components of the engine and the ATS (After Treatment System), in other words the complex exhaust gas treatment system, to meet the increasingly stringent regulations in terms of pollutants in vehicle exhaust emissions. The information generated by the on-board sensors is collected by the Telematics Box, an electronic device mounted on board numerous FPT engines.


A Cloud-based architecture for real-time monitoring

of industrial vehicles


FPT Industrial has therefore chosen to partner with Data Reply to develop a cloud-based architecture capable of enabling the collection, analysis and storage of collected data, as well as facilitating the real-time monitoring of vehicle engines, through a 24/7 operational Control Room.

This architecture is managed and used by FPT Industrial's Customer Service Department to improve after-sales support, which has led to increasingly fast and effective technical assistance.

On the one hand, the architecture developed makes it possible to produce value and insights from the significant amount of accumulated data and, on the other, makes the troubleshooting phase easier and faster (i.e., the complex operations that lead to the diagnosis and resolution of malfunctions on a vehicle).

With this new project, FPT has been able to combine the diagnostic expertise of its technicians with data processing solutions based on Artificial Intelligence techniques and algorithms.

Identifying the causes of
malfunctions using AI models

A multi-disciplinary team composed of Data Reply and FPT Industrial experts has defined and implemented a solution based on Random Forest models and heuristic optimisation algorithms to automatically identify potentially abnormal operating conditions of the Engine & ATS system and provide a description of the range of values of the parameters collected during the monitoring phase.  These descriptions, analysed and interpreted by FPT experts, support the Root Cause Analysis process of the malfunctions.

In other words, they help to identify the root cause leading to the anomaly, digitally defined using appropriate fault codes and FPT Industrial’s proprietary algorithms. The data on which the models are trained is taken directly from a Data Lake: a storage solution where data is collected, archived and updated in real time. This means that automatic diagnostics can also be carried out on newly archived data, making it possible to obtain information even on the last hours of operation of the vehicles of interest.


A first step towards the digitisation of FPT’s technical knowledge

The collaboration between the Data Reply experts and the FPT Industrial Customer Service department teams has enabled a first important step to be taken towards the digitalisation of FPT’s technical knowledge. Data Reply’s experience in Artificial Intelligence and its industrial applications has made it possible to develop an advanced and scalable solution capable of making the most of the enormous wealth of information contained in the data produced by industrial vehicles.

The next steps include further refining the developed tool and integrating it into FPT’s Control Room operations, in an increasingly more robust and effective circular process of diagnostics, monitoring and prevention.


FPT Industrial is the Iveco Group company focused on the design, production and sale of propulsion systems for on-road and off-road, marine and power generation applications. The company employs more than 8,000 people worldwide, in ten plants and seven Research & Development Centres. An extremely wide range of products, combined with great attention to R&D activities, makes FPT Industrial one of the leading global players in the field of engines for industrial use.