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09.03.2022 / AI


AI is Critical to the Future of the NHS, Starting Now

Over the last two years, under conditions of expediency, the NHS took a great digital leap forward. The critical question now is how this innovation can be sustained as we move away from the pandemic to address the backlog in care and provide a platform which can improve long-term patient outcomes and experience while supporting an inundated workforce.



Challenges of Pandemic and Brexit means improving productivity is vital – AI can be a critical tool

The UK economy has had easier times. Over the last two years, it has had to weather the global impact of the pandemic, and closer to home, the fundamental change to its trading relationships and supply chains caused by Brexit. With inflation in the ascendancy, energy costs on the rise, and threats from all sides such as Russian aggression in the East, it isn't going to get any easier. However, this moment of acute problems could be the driver of AI's greater adoption to meet the challenges.

18.11.2021 / Wearable


Bodytrak Founder Leon Marsh talks about wearable monitoring solutions

In October 2021, Lakeland Industries, a leading global manufacturer of protective clothing for industry, healthcare and first responders, announced that it has made a strategic investment of approximately $2.7 million in Breed Reply portfolio company, Inova Design Solutions Ltd, trading as Bodytrak®.

29.07.2021 / Internet of Things


We Predict demonstrates the real-world impact of IoT

Last month, We Predict launched the inaugural We Predict Deepview™ True Cost Report. This report is a fantastic example of how data combined with technologies like machine learning can generate insights with real-world impact.

21.05.2021 / Climate Change


The journey to net Zero starts with millions of small steps

A recent article in The Daily Telegraph questioned whether the country can afford the UK Government's plans to achieve Net Zero and whether it was even possible. One of the things not often discussed is how small iterative changes to consumer and business behaviour can profoundly impact the carbon a country like the UK generates. This is where the Internet of Things (IoT) can come in.

12.04.2021 / DATA & IOT


The pandemic means government is finally appreciating data, which is good news for IoT

The pandemic has placed a great strain on public and private organisations. As we hopefully near the end of the crisis, it is becoming clearer which organisations handled the pressure of the pandemic well and those that did not. Read our latest blog to find out why those who functioned best also had the best understanding of and grip on their data.

18.03.2021 / Looking back at 2020


Data is going to be critical in the post-pandemic era

Looking back at 2020 and all that it encompassed, from the speed of vaccine development to home working normalisation, we asked some of our portfolio companies to share their thoughts on 2020. One common theme became apparent: Data is going to be critical in the post-pandemic era. Read what they had to say in our latest blog.

06.01.2021 / Breed Reply 2020 Review


2020 - More than £50m raised across 16 rounds

Breed Reply take a look at a year of progress for the portfolio despite the obvious challenges imposed by a year in flux. We are proud of the resilience and continued success of our portfolio companies during these unprecedented times and look forward to the challenges and opportunities of 2021.

29.10.2020 / IoT / Covid-19


Health Technology in a Post-COVID-19 World

There’s no question that the global pandemic is changing the way healthcare is delivered. In the latest Breed Reply blog we take a look at how technology, such as IoT, can help diagnose and treat specific ailments, reducing the need for a physical visit to the doctor.

21.10.2020 / Kokoon


Q&A with Kokoon CEO – Tim Antos

Our portfolio company, Kokoon has today announced a major new development. The sleep technology experts have launched the newest product in their sleep audio range – the product is available here on Kickstarter for pre-order. NightBuds is the follow up product to Kokoon’s hugely successful Relax headphones. We spoke to Kokoon founder Tim Antos to found out more.

26.08.2020 / Internet of Things


How IoT can protect the Covid-19 vaccine

The world is anxiously waiting for a tried and tested Covid-19 vaccine to help ease us all back into a normal way of living and doing business. However, little attention has focused on how these potential vaccines actually reach the end users. This is very much an issue for the pharmaceutical supply-chain and something where the Internet of Things (IoT) can help out a lot.

31.07.2020 / AGRITECH


Why we need a global agritech strategy

Here’s the challenge: we need more food, with less land in a more unpredictable environment. Read on to find out why agritech might just be a big part of the solution.

23.06.2020 / AppyWay


Digital drive will usher in the modern city

Dan Hubert, founder and CEO of AppyWay, takes an in-depth look into how the lockdown has driven more and more people to digital devices and how the way we live our lives and do business has profoundly changed following the Covid-19 outbreak

28.05.2020 / IoT and Climate Change


IoT and the fight against climate change – Q&A with Breed Reply’s Emanuele Angelidis

Managing Partner of Breed Reply, Emanuele Angeilidis answers questions on the impact of IoT on the fight against climate change.

21.05.2020 / Health IoT


The new opportunities for health IoT

Data is centre stage once again. It effectively triggered the lockdowns, it is now easing them and it will be a key aspect of Covid-19 exit and strategies across the world. The UK government, for instance, has consistently said that it is ‘following the science’, while the scientists are trying to follow that data.

02.03.2020 / Internet Of Things


What our Investees want from the Budget!

Breed Reply has canvassed a select group of its UK-headquartered investees to find out what they want from Boris Johnson’s Conservative government and the Treasury on Budget day.



Meet the startup CEO: Q&A with Alex Cowan of IoT cybersecurity firm RazorSecure

Founded in 2015, RazorSecure provides cyber-security for small-scale IoT networks across the UK, Europe and the United States.



Getting rid of Entrepreneur's Relief will send the wrong message

A nation's start-up culture is an indicator of the relative health of a nation's economy. In the sector we focus on, the Internet of Things, entrepreneurs are working on ideas that could have a profound and positive impact on our lives.

28.01.2020 / Internet of things


IoT in 2020 – Our predictions

IoT devices are becoming part of modern everyday life. What used to be a gimmick or ‘well-ahead of its time’, in other words, is now essential.

28.11.2019 / Internet of things


Web Summit: The VC perspective from the ‘Glastonbury for Geeks’

The Web Summit event was hosted in Dublin between its founding in 2009 until 2016, when it outgrew Ireland and landed in its new home of Lisbon.



Want VC funding? Become a problem solver

Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, kerbside management and mobility technology firm AppyParking is transforming parking for motorists and empowering local authorities to manage their assets better.