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BFM Interview

Sigma Reply helps companies adapt to quantum computing and provides cutting-edge algorithmic solutions. Sigma Reply's partner, Olivier Debliquy, was invited on BFM to talks about quantum computing on Objectif Croissance program presented by Vincent Touraine.


QUANTUM CHEMISTRY : Molecular simulation

The main difficulty of simulating molecules is the size of the configuration space, growing exponentially with the number of electrons. This requires to consider many approximations, tampering with the accuracy of the result. Quantum algorithms already exist for this purpose, but often require a high number of physical qubits.

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Case Study

Material characterisation for CO2 capture

Although the transition of the existing infrastructure from carbon-based sources to cleaner alternatives would be ideal in this regard, such a change requires considerable modifications to the current energy and productions frameworks, especially in hard-to-abate sectors such as heavy industries (cement, steel or chemicals), and many of the proposed technologies are not yet sufficiently developed to facilitate large-scale industrial implementation.

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Case Study

Optimizing sensor placement for water leak detection

In the context of the Blaise Pascal [re]Generative Quantum Challenge, from which Sigma Reply teams ranked among the 10 finalists, we proposed a solution to find an optimal placement of sensors within a water distribution network to efficiently detect leaks. Our approach leverages the unique properties of quantum mechanics, especially neutral atoms, for the maintenance and repair of urban infrastructures.

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Sigma Reply becomes a Quandela certified partner

Quandela and Reply are happy to announce that Reply will become Quandela’s first official certified partner to cover all Europe and South-East Asia. After having reviewed Quandela full stack offering, Reply chooses to become a Certified Consulting Partner of Quandela, the leading European photonic quantum computer company.

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