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Hi engage Bluetooth Beacons

Hi engage Bluetooth Beacons are small Bluetooth low energy device that can be used for localization. The beacons work on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), also known as Bluetooth Smart. BLE can also be found on Bluetooth 4.0 devices that support dual mode. Hi engage Beacons can notify an application of their presence. In this way they can trigger location based behavior on a compatible device. Hi engage beacons support both iBeacon and Eddystone standards.

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Ultrasounds Beacons

The transmitting device generates and radiates a sound whose frequency spectrum has energetic content only at frequencies that are not audible by the average human ear. These frequencies are chosen in order to still be detectable by the microphone and circuitry of any smartphone, tablet, phablet or personal computer.

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Engage your customers through Audio Watermark

Concept Reply has developed a proprietary Contextual Marketing Platform that interacts with iBeacons, Android BLE Beacons, Ultrasounds Beacons, Audio Watermarks. These technologies allow to understand the contest and, above all, where the customer is. In this way, we can engage the customer across multiple devices, channels and platforms.

Customer Engagement

Case Study

Lancia InteracTV, the app that rewards those who watch TV

Watch our favorite TV show, note the presence of a brand name familiar to you and in a moment receive directly on our smartphone many different contents dedicated to you right from that brand. It’s not science fiction but a very real novelty of this these days. Lancia proudly presents the world premiere of the Italian market.

Lancia InteracTV, the app that rewards those who watch TV  0

Solution for Retailers


Hi engage for Retail & Consumer

How can a brand or a retailer be relevant to their customers? How can they differentiate themselves and provide the consumer a better buying experience, at the right time and in the right place? How can a Retailer increase the median basket size of its customer?

Solution for Broadcasters


Hi engage for Broadcasters

Research shows most owners of Tablet or Smartphone uses these while watching TV. We can no longer speak about a trend but a behavior becoming more popular among consumers. We cannot ignore this evolution and it’s imperative we rethink the logic behind customer engagement.

Solution For Events


Hi engage for Events

Thanks to its proprietary Contextual Marketing platform, Concept Reply supports the companies that want to communicate with their customers digitally and innovatively. Every event, show, exhibition o single monument or work of art could become an engaging, unique and personalized experience.

Digital innovative solution

Case Study

CNH Industrial Village adopts "Hi engage": engaging Museum Visitors in an Interactive Experience

Sunday April 27th at the Industrial Village in Turin during the History and Glory Event, the Historic Gallery with its legendary industrial and military vehicles has engaged visitors in a new and interactive experience.

CNH Industrial Village adopts