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IT investments to drive retail sector growth

Financial Times, The Connected Business “IT investments to drive retail sector growth” By Paul Taylor in New York.
This article features an interview with Julian Burnett, CTO at Sainsbury looking at the IT planning and investment process that the supermarket worked on with Glue Reply to deliver a foundation and plan for technology investment over the next five years.

23.04.2012 - 25.04.2012


Master Data Management Summit Europe 2012

Glue Reply took part in the Master Data Management Summit Europe 2012, Europe’s only co-located conference on MDM and Data Governance, from 23 to 25 April 2012 in London.

Glue Reply had its booth and held a speech titled "Bringing Master Data Management to life – A New Approach".

06.03.2012 - 07.03.2012


Integrated EA Conference 2012

Glue Reply joined the Integrated EA Conference, on 1 and 2 March 2012 at One Great George Street in London.

The event was aimed at professional enterprise architects, systems engineers, CTOs and CIOs who seek to “discuss ideas, challenges and stay up to date with progress on EA issues”.

Best Practice

Project Management, People Management, Business Management

Companies need to be vigilant in choosing which project managers to share their plans and aspirations with.

Choosing project managers wisely allows companies to build their next generation of leaders.

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Capability architecture: mind the gap!

A new flavour of Enterprise Architecture is driving IT delivery from business goals. Enterprise Architecture (EA) has been offered as a part of the solution but has not been wholly successful.

In many cases, the way EA is done and the starting point used means that despite significant investment, EA is not delivering the value to the business that it could.

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Can you see?

Glue Reply is a business consultancy that strives to help its clients achieve their future potential by developing solutions that often for the first time align IT capability with business goals. Many companies have no blueprint for the future, make decisions using inaccurate data and are constrained by their IT capability. We provide our clients with a clearly defined roadmap, one accurate view of reality and an agile, self sufficient organisation. Glue Reply works with organisations as diverse as Marks and Spencer, UK MOD and AXA UK.

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Data, Information and Business Intelligence

Glue Reply’s consulting practice covers all aspects of data, information and business intelligence architecture, organisation, governance and execution. The company’s consultants have completed numerous engagements in the retail, defence and telecoms sectors. Glue Reply understand how data issues impact on other domains within your organisation and will help you to identify these and resolve them, with practical help.


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Enabling Defence Transformation

Experiencing strong demand for its technology and architecture services, Glue Reply is continuing to innovate to meet the needs of defence sector companies that are seeking to transform. Glue Reply empowers the CIO by enabling improved management and control over operations, a more effective portfolio planning capability and the flexibility needed to react to change quickly.

Case Study

Condor: electronic mailbox reduces throughput times

In 2008 the Condor insurance group, today part of R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG, started converting to electronic files and the corresponding mailbox solution - resulting in major changes in procedures for incoming mail as well as in the individual departments. Today Condor’s customers and brokers profit from more flexible and considerably faster transaction processing and competent responses to inquiries to the service center.


Best Practice

xpressPSA: integrated planning processes for consumer goods manufacturers

Due to media discontinuity, consolidating single-item planning is time-consuming and difficult. Problems arise especially when marketing and business planning is coordinated because planning is generally done with different key figures and at varying levels of granularity.


Best Practice

xpressBPI: Business Process Integration

Mid-sized companies in particular often encounter the situation that for projects a tailor-made solution is completely unfeasible and would never meet budget.

As a rule, standard solutions developed for large companies are not suitable and too complex for SMEs. Department resources are only available for the projects to a limited extent.


News & Communication

“Same Procedure as Every Day": Macros Reply at the DMS Expo in Stuttgart

September 20-22 at the DMS Expo in Stuttgart, Macros Reply will be at their stand (VOI stand. no 7B51, hall 7) to demonstrate how companies can work more efficiently and without media disruption and, with the right software, can once again master their processes.



Conference for the presentation of Observatory Electronic Billing and Dematerialization "Beyond Billing"

Syskoplan Reply, one of the Reaseach sponsors, was present at the Conference for the presentation of the results of the "Observatory Electronic Billing and Dematerialization".

18.05.2011 - 21.05.2011


IT Director's Forum 2011

Glue Reply joined the IT Director’s Forum 2011, the exclusive event taking place on board the luxury P&O Cruises liner, MV Aurora for 2 days and 3 nights sailing from Southampton to the Channel Islands from 18 to 21 May 2011.
The theme of this year edition was “Smart Working”, focusing on key business and strategy issues. The conferences highlighted the important aspects of the IT director’s role in a series of debates and featured round tables.



Customer Experience Management World Tour 2011

Aktive Reply took part into the Italian appointment of the Adobe CEM World Tour 2011, that will be held in Milan on 18 May 2011.
The event was an important opportunity to share knowledge with renowned speakers and to meet industry experts. Live sessions on existing technological solutions were available, but there were also hints to improve the quality of the offered services and to continue to be competitive.


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Driving Improvements in Defence Logistics

The UK MoD has embarked on a new approach to the delivery of end-to-end logistics information and processes across defence. The Logistics Network Enabled Capability Programme (Log NEC) is based on the assumption that in the future all elements of the military, together with the industrial and other partners upon which it relies, will be connected to a single coherent communications network.

Best Practice

Event Driven Business Architecture

So, if we accept that events happen; events drive business; and decisions drive value, how can we ensure that we respond to events in the most effective way to derive maximum value for the business?

The way companies respond to events is crucial – and it has a price tag.

Best Practice

Enterprise Security

Improving or maintaining the enterprise security posture is a continuous process, that must be based on a robust, enterprise-level security architecture.

Reply has a wealth of experience in all of the fields needed to help you to move to a mature enterprise security posture and to operate your security more effectively.