Leading provider of Salesforce-related services once again

In the PAC INNOVATION RADAR for Salesforce-related services in Europe, Reply was awarded "Best in Class" in five sectors.

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A closer look at Salesforce-related services in Europe

The PAC INNOVATION RADAR is an instrument for the holistic evaluation of software and ICT service providers from the independent research and consulting company PAC (Pierre Audoin Consultants). Based on predefined criteria, PAC assesses and compares the strategies, development and market position of service providers as well as their performance and expertise. Project experience and certifications play just as much a role as the breadth of the range of services, the ability to deliver and the assessment of service quality by reference customers. For IT managers, the study offers a valuable decision-making aid when selecting a suitable service partner.


"Best in class" thanks to AI focus

Salesforce is one of the fastest growing providers of business software in Europe. Targeted investments in the consistent use of AI should further accelerate growth in the future. This represents a great opportunity for the partner ecosystem, but one that is also associated with enormous challenges.

For consulting, implementation and development companies, it is important to build up in-depth expertise around Salesforce's AI-based services as quickly as possible.

At the same time, partners need to address the special requirements of different industries. This is why many rely on industry-specific consulting and deployment teams, processes or resources.

The companies Arlanis Reply, Open Reply, Retail Reply and Power Reply, which specialise in Salesforce technologies, meet these challenges every day and not only impress their customers with their solutionsIn its latest INNOVATION RADAR "Salesforce-related services in Europe", PAC recognised Reply as "Best in Class" in five sectors.

Reply is intensively exploring the market potential of generative AI for enterprises and offers strong expertise in the field of AI and Chat GPT. As a result, Reply has been able to implement innovative Salesforce GPT applications to support the needs of different industry sectors, in a very short time. Reply is leading the development of Salesforce's AI portfolio, creating new business models, products and services for enterprises.

Nick Mayes

Principal Analyst at PAC

Customized solutions for all industries

Certified expertise for your project

Reply has been a Salesforce partner since 2005 and covers the entire Salesforce offering with over 900 certifications. This enables our experts to use the latest technologies such as AI to precisely meet your needs and demonstrably contribute to your business success.

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