Connected Products:
behind the scenes

This research delves into the innovation and trends of connected solutions for consumers, mobility, healthcare, and industrial uses.

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Connected Products are becoming pervasive

Advancements in miniaturisation, energy efficiency, and wireless connectivity have led to the widespread adoption of connected products. This transformation turns everyday objects into interconnected systems, enhancing user experience through data exchange and remote-control features.

Reply's Research investigates connected solutions in consumer, industrial, healthcare, and mobility sectors, indicating a substantial expansion of the connected products market with significant opportunities for new businesses and services.

Four analysed domains

Industrial & Professional Uses

Connected solutions for manufacturing, logistics, real estate, retail, and more.

Automotive & Mobility

Connected vehicles, new business models, and widespread use of data.

Consumers Products

Smart appliances and connected solutions for entertainment, security, comfort, and energy management.

Healthcare & Wearables

Personal devices and connected products used to improve healthcare quality, efficiency, and availability.

Designing and launching connected products and services

Opportunities & challenges

The integration of connected products across sectors signifies a shift towards data-driven decision-making using IoT devices, supported by major cloud providers' platforms. AI advancements drive personalised experiences and reshape industries.

Companies adopt service-centric approaches, but data silos hinder unified information use, requiring cultural changes. Edge computing offers faster responses and better data privacy, but complexity remains. Quality, safety, and reliability standards are crucial for adoption in consumer and industrial sectors, alongside seamless integration and sustainability efforts.


Explore the realm of connected products, from their impact on industries and consumer behaviors to the evolving technologies and market dynamics steering their development.

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