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CAFFE - Cloud Adoption Framework for Enterprise

Reply’s Multi-Cloud experience

Reply has consulting, engineering and manage service capability across AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle and IBM.

With multiple awards, competencies and certified consultants, Reply's CAFFE is an excellent choice to make the most of Cloud adoption, spanning organisation change and technology.

Leverage Reply’s CAFFE framework to optimise your Cloud adoption!

Benefits of CAFFE



Built for multiple Replyer’s to deliver Cloud adoption again and again



End-end guides and tools ensure we deliver velocity in Cloud adoption programmes



Updates to the methodology as new trends emerge

The 4 pillars of CAFFE

OPERATING MODEL Defines "who does what" governance, running and operation of your Cloud services with defined processes.

ORGANIZATION DESIGN Linked to operating model, with defined roles, responsibilities, skills, and accreditation requirements.

LANDING ZONE Critical components that enable you to deliver services from the Cloud e.g. account structure, network and security.

TOOLCHAIN Defined set of tools that come together to deploy, change and tear down services in the Cloud, with full automation.

Why to leverage a Cloud adoption framework

Prepare or enhance your organisational capability to deliver IT and digital services from the Cloud for your colleagues or customers. Enable or optimise secure environments to host, secure and maintain your workloads, be it server based or serverless (digital native).