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AI-powered Digital Humans

From innovation to immersion: unleashing the potential of AI-powered Digital Humans for transformative industry solutions and personalised customer engagement.

Digital Humans are here to stay

The convergence of advancements in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, computer vision, and 3D graphics has ushered in a new generation of digital humans that are more advanced and capable than ever before. AI systems enable digital humans to process and analyse vast amounts of data, learn from it, and subsequently make informed decisions. These capabilities allow them to understand complex patterns, adapt to new situations, and improve their performance over time, making them increasingly effective in various business applications.

A glimpse behind the stage of a Digital Human

Crafting a digital human involves a sophisticated blend of advanced technologies and expertise, including 3D modeling, animation, AI, and machine learning. These elements harmoniously combine to create a seamless and realistic interaction with digital humans. By leveraging these integrated technologies, users can enjoy immersive experiences in 3D and virtual reality without any hesitation.

Hyper-realistic look and behaviour

The creation of a digital human demands a fusion of artistic and technical skills to produce a realistic and convincing character. This intricate process necessitates a profound understanding of human anatomy, appearance, and behaviour. By meticulously designing and constructing various components such as skin, texture, material, skeleton, hair, muscles, and clothing, 3D artists can generate lifelike and captivating characters for diverse applications.

Algorithms and physics

The realism and credibility of a digital human rely not only on AI-powered thoughts and speech but also on its ability to accurately mimic human motion and behaviour through the integration of physics-based algorithms. Creating lifelike virtual characters requires an intricate combination of mathematical algorithms, AI techniques, and physics simulations that underpin the technical aspects of motion, behaviour, and physics in digital humans.

Understanding speech and emotions

Cognitive architectures form the backbone of digital human behaviour modelling, merging various AI techniques to emulate human-like cognitive processes. Emotional models further enhance digital human behaviour by enabling characters to express and respond to emotions believably and engagingly. Sentiment and emotion analysis are vital components of digital human setups, as they allow virtual beings to perceive and respond to human emotions.

User-friendly conversations

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies will empower digital humans with language understanding, emotion recognition, problem-solving capabilities, and remarkable decision-making, enhancing their overall functionality and user interactions. Voice technologies produce speech by synthesising and concatenating employing machine learning algorithms that capture the subtleties of human speech, such as pitch, tone, and rhythm.

Digital Humans: use cases

The recent surge in the development and popularity of Generative AI based on large language models has had a transformative impact on the digital human landscape. Digital humans are powered by large language models, powerful hardware and vast datasets, including those based on corporate knowledge. Consequently, digital humans are increasingly becoming viable enterprise solutions, as the technologies supporting them continue to mature rapidly.


Improving corporate

Customer Service
Virtual Sales Assistance
Employee Onboarding
Inclusivity in Organisations
Translations and Language Interpretations



Personal Virtual Assistance
Personal Finance Assistance
Elderly care
Personal Health Assistance
Mental health improvement
Virtual Job Interviews


Supporting Marketing & Communications

Social Media Influencers
Advertising Testimonials
Fashion and Luxury Models
Brand Ambassadors in Virtual Reality and Metaverse
Hosts and Guests of Podcasts


Empowering Entertainment & Media

Actors, Stuntpeople, and Voice Talents
Virtual TV Personalities
Gaming Characters
Virtual Theatres and Art Installations
Interactive Storytelling


Assisting Training
and Education

Corporate and Technical Training
Virtual Coaching
Language Teaching
Emergency Response Training
Medical Practice
Schools and Universities

It’s time to experiment with Digital Humans

The rapid growth of generative AI has surpassed expectations, presenting numerous directions for its evolution. With immense potential for integration across industries on a global scale, digital humans powered by generative AI continue to push boundaries and offer transformative power. Business leaders must stay informed about advancements, use cases, and user interest to capitalise on this dynamic landscape. Reply will continue to support businesses in leveraging generative AI and digital humans for growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage.


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