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IEO charts the future of healthcare with Value Based Medicine

Laife Reply collaborates with IEO to innovate diagnosis-therapeutic paths through personalized medicine, combining AI and Big Data in the Value Based Medicine platform.

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Transforming cancer care with predictive tools to ensure more effective and patient-centered treatments.


Combining scientific innovation and personalised care

The European Institute of Oncology (IEO) is a leader in healthcare, particularly oncology, where innovation and research play a crucial role. With medicine rapidly evolving due to technological advances, the IEO continues to face new challenges: in particular, the growing focus on the importance of personalised and patient-centered treatments is pushing healthcare institutions to seek solutions that not only cure effectively but also improve patients' quality of life.

This scenario requires an approach that combines scientific accuracy with sensitivity to individual needs, thus creating a bridge between technology and personalised care. Therefore, we need healthcare approaches that are both effective and safe, while also being attentive to the unique needs of each patient. This means finding a balance between the effectiveness of clinical treatment and the patient's overall well-being.


Towards predictive medicine: Value Based Medicine

IEO's research, supported by Laife Reply, led to the development of Value Based Medicine (VBM), a cloud platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyse clinical data and predict treatment outcomes. VBM calculates the probability of post-operative complications, monitors the status of the treatment path through periodic surveys and guides patients through the various steps of their treatment path. Starting from the urological surgery department, the system was later extended to other specialisations (breast and thoracic surgery), with the aim of becoming a solution applicable to all surgeries. Thanks to the integration of a module for collecting consent and one for Explainable AI, which provides understandable explanations of complex machine learning models, the VBM platform is fully compliant with the defined standards of the European AI Act. This contributes to the safety and effectiveness of the medical treatments provided through the VBM, and has prompted the IEO to undertake a process of certifying the platform as a medical device.



Integrate IEO's Data Platform for deeper analysis

The VBM platform was built on Google Cloud Platform, thus exploiting a cutting-edge cloud infrastructure capable of guaranteeing scalability, security and reliability. Value Based Medicine also integrates IEO's Clinical Data Platform, a centralised health data lakehouse that collects clinical, administrative and research data, both structured and unstructured. The integration has made it possible to maximise the potential of the available data, facilitating a more in-depth analysis and better personalisation of treatments. This solid technological base has not only improved the effectiveness of the system but has also laid the foundations for further developments and integrations, such as the advanced use of AI and Generative AI tools, to remain at the forefront of healthcare innovation.


Personalised care and improved communication

The introduction of Value Based Medicine led IEO to win the Agenas-Sics award for Innovation in Digital Health, and has guaranteed significant goals in the field of cancer care.


Improving patient

Thanks to the use of forecasting models, the platform has made it possible to anticipate patients' clinical-functional outcomes. This has significantly improved accuracy in planning treatment paths, allowing doctors to customise therapies based on the specific needs of each patient.


More transparency
and awareness

The platform has helped to improve communication and transparency with patients regarding their treatment paths. The surveys carried out on groups of patients who received predictive clinical-functional profiles showed a high level of appreciation for the clarity and honesty of the information provided, regardless of age and sociocultural background.


Adaptive and personalized
care paths

The introduction of VBM has made it possible to develop treatments that are more focused on the individual needs of patients, reducing the risks of inappropriate treatments. This approach has led to greater effectiveness in care, ensuring that each patient receives the treatment that best suits their personal conditions.


The IEO European Institute of Oncology is a Scientific Hospitalisation and Care Institute (IRCCS) dedicated to oncology. Within it, there is complete integration between the different areas of the fight against tumors: laboratory research, clinical research, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and training. The Institute has implemented a new principle in the treatment of tumors, shifting the centrality from the disease to the sick. Thanks to the immediate transfer of new results from research to the clinic, it has abandoned traditional therapies based on the maximum intervention that the patient can tolerate, to apply innovative methods that, with equal effectiveness, ensure minimum harm to the person.

Laife Reply


Laife Reply promotes digital innovation in the Healthcare sector by exploiting its high expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics technologies and in-depth know-how in the medical field. Laife Reply specializes in the application of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to images and clinical data, with the aim of adding real value to healthcare processes and contributing to the reduction of clinical risk by supporting diagnosis and treatment activities.