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Capital Markets & Financial Services

e*finance consulting Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in strategic and process consulting for the Banking and Insurance sectors, for the creation of services operating on the internet, contact centre, wireless and broadband channels.


Definio Reply™

Definio Reply™ is an integrated platform capable of addressing the needs of management, analysis, reporting and logging of financial assets. The target customers of the Definio Reply™ solution have as their objective the active management and monitoring of​ financial portfolios.​

The integration of the financial database with the asset database makes Definio Reply™ a viable and complete alternative to vertical portals. ​



definio reply key feature

Integration and flexibility

Definio Re​ply™ platform combines a ful set of advanced features like a centralised financial database and a common infrastructure for analysis, reporting and communication. Moreover the platform is composed by specialised modules for portfolio, risk and performance management and support of consultancy services​​.

definio reply key feature

Support and coordination

Thanks to a common infrastructure for analysis, reporting and communication Definio Reply™ platform helps business and commercial structures and private bankers to choose the best solution for their business. Through the direct access to client/model portfolio and analysis, Definio Reply™ is a complete alternative to specific vertical portals.

definio reply key feature

cost optimization

Definio Reply™​ has a fully adaptable configuration adaptable to the needs of your organisation. Open data oriented, thanks to resources and processes outsourcing(SaaS, DaaS), Definio Reply™ is a less pervasive platform compared to large scale asset management ones. Clients choosing this product benefit from low integration costs with ready-to-use solutions offers.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Case Study

Definio Reply™ financial platform for Fondaco SGR

Fondaco SGR, an independent savings management company whose common investment funds are reserved for qualified investors, has chosen Definio Reply™ to gather, calculate and verify data and financial measures for managed funds and management mandates.


Definio Reply™ financial platform for Fondaco SGR 0

Financial asset


A modular platform

The Definio Reply™ platform modules are able to fully respond to the analysis and monitoring needs of financial assets. The customer has the ability to optimise and customise the product according to their own needs and requirements. The Definio Reply™ suite has been designed to address the needs of Financial Database, Portfolio Analysis, Risk Management, Reporting and Control, Engines.




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