06.05.2019 / Portfolio / Amiko

Press Article

New digital prescription intervention service boosts adherence to asthma therapy and health outcomes

EIT Digital’s ACT4Y innovation activity has brought together Amiko, Santer Reply and the University of Twente to build a Digital Prescription Intervention Service to improve pharmaceutical asthma care while lowering healthcare costs.

09.03.2019 / Portfolio / FoodMarble

Press Article

The pocket-sized breath test that could save thousands from food intolerance agony

The pocket-sized Foodmarble – dubbed ‘the world’s first personal digestive tracker’ – is a portable version of a breath test machine used in hospitals.

04.12.2018 / Portfolio / FoodMarble

News & Communication

FoodMarble Launches World's First Personal Digestive Tracker

Startup takes $1 million in pre-sales ahead of launching a new product to help the 1-in-8 people who suffer from disruptive digestive symptoms


News & Communication

Microsoft launches AI-health chatbot preview

Following a series of announcements on Microsoft’s AI-based inventions, another preview of an AI-powered health chatbot has been released by the technology giant. The healthcare platform is currently under a private preview to Microsoft partners, and provides a sneak peek into the future of healthcare where people are increasingly empowered by improved access to medical information on their smartphones.

10.04.2014 - 11.04.2014 / Vicenza


Medit 2014

Santer Reply joined Medit 2014, an event dedicated to innovation and technological development in healthcare, with a focus on continuously evolving topics as eHealth, Telemedicine and ICT. The event was held in Vicenza from 10 to 11 April 2014.



eHealth Conference

Santer Reply took part in the fifth edition of eHealth Conference, an annual event aiming at discussing all issues concerning the informatisation and the technologies for managing the hospital from an IT point of view. The event was held in Rome on 28 May 2013.