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Fermentation tracking device finds out which foods are making you bloated

FoodMarble AIRE is a breath-analysis device that tracks your fermentation levels. For some people, too much fermentation can cause digestive issues.

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Best new food tech: 5 smart products for your future kitchen

We read a lot about the internet of things and that there will be 200 billion connected devices by 2020.

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The pocket-sized breath test that could save thousands from food intolerance agony

The pocket-sized Foodmarble – dubbed ‘the world’s first personal digestive tracker’ – is a portable version of a breath test machine used in hospitals.

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FoodMarble Aire hands-on review

"The FoodMarble Aire is potentially life-changing technology for those living with food intolerances."

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CES 2019: Can breath-sniffing gadgets improve your diet?

They pair smartphone apps that tell people things like how well they are digesting food or burning calories.

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CES 2019: Tech start-ups unveil breathalyser gadgets that can improve your diet

Its creators say it could help people who suffer from problems like irritable bowel syndrome and other similar issues.

04.12.2018 / Portfolio / FoodMarble

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FoodMarble Launches World's First Personal Digestive Tracker

Startup takes $1 million in pre-sales ahead of launching a new product to help the 1-in-8 people who suffer from disruptive digestive symptoms

23.10.2017 / Internet of Things


The answer to the productivity riddle is already here with data, tech and IoT

The UK’s National Infrastructure Commission has identified the three Cs – Congestion, Capacity and Carbon – as holding back UK productivity.

11.10.2017 / Portfolio / FoodMarble

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Irish startup raises £1.3m as it brings digestive food tracker to market

Dublin-based health tech start-up FoodMarble has secured £1.3 million (€1.45 million) in funding from investors that include former Dragons’ Den star and entrepreneur Sean O’Sullivan.

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Dublin start-up FoodMarble’s £1.3m funding round is easy to digest

Hardware company FoodMarble is tackling a problem that affects 1bn people worldwide.