Green Economy

Briefing Note

Sustainable Finance

During 2019/2020, the UK and EU introduced multiple climate documents to embed sustainable finance into financial systems to assist in the transition to a climate-neutral economic area. The objective of this short paper is to summarise key current documents, followed by an overview of upcoming guidance.



The Data Religion: Dataism in Financial Services

In my latest blog I reflect on Yuval Noah Harari's celebrated book, Homo Deus, delving into Harari’s fresh angle on the role of data in our day-to-day life. As I was contemplating Harari's spellbinding book it occurred to me that Dataism is, to a large extent, already the religion of the financial services industry.


White Paper

The New Normal: how Capital Markets can turn the Coronavirus threat into an opportunity

This unexpected crisis raises questions about the effectiveness and agility of banking models and existing risk management frameworks.


Climate Change

White Paper

Beyond Green Banking, Climate Change is changing Prudential Supervisory Expectations for Banks

Climate change is an important and growing trend for the financial sector. The rapidly developing supervisory, investor and customer expectations are presenting new challenges to the financial services sector. As a consequence of the changing risk profile, supervisors in the EU and UK are setting new expectations to ensure banks pro-actively manage their climate-related financial risk.



The Cloud and the future of finance

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of co-authoring a short article on the adoption of the Cloud in Financial Services with Professor Nelson Phillips of the Imperial College Business School. We conducted several interviews with senior leaders in financial services about their experiences of moving to the Cloud. It turned out to be such a captivating journey that Nelson and I are planning to continue along this path and turn it into a much more comprehensive piece of research.


White Paper

A practical guide for independent directors, executives and heads of regulatory reporting

This Practical Guide will share insights regarding typical root causes for the issues raised by the ECB, the FCA and the PRA — as well as potential ways these issues can be addressed.

A practical guide for independent directors, executives and heads of regulatory reporting 0


News & Communication

Worried about Regulatory Reporting? We have the solution

Mounting regulatory requirements and scrutiny have caused banks to worry about their regulatory reporting requirements. Avantage Reply has extensive knowledge and expertise on dealing with different regulatory reporting issues.

Case Study

Maintenance & user assistance of a regulatory credit risk database

The client is a European Investment Bank with global operations. Its expertise covers Corporate & Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, and Specialised Financial Services. The client requested Avantage Reply to relocate its database system for CoREP computation to another European country and maintain it for several years.

Case Study

CFO Assistance

The client, a G-SIB specialised in Private Banking and Asset Management, Trade Finance and Corporate Banking, needed support to produce their BASEL III regulatory reporting in line with EBA ITSs.

White Paper

Regulatory Reporting – Impacts and Insights for The Data Point Model 3.0

Last Autumn the EBA released its public consultation on the revision of the Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) for Regulatory Reporting and the harmonization of disclosures in the Euro System. We have analysed the new requirements and offer our insights in this white paper, considering the impacts that Financial Institutions can expect and for which they should prepare.


News & Communication

“The ECB is coming”: Let’s have compliant data for regulatory reporting!

Following the 2008 global financial crisis, which had shown that the capacity of banks to manage risks during "stress" periods was insufficient, the Basel Committee took the initiative to publish the BCBS 239 standard.



The Laundromat Movie: Meryl Streep discusses Anti Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Financing

Few realise just how corrosive the effects of Money laundering and the financing of terrorism are on society. That’s why, when we have the opportunity to assist our clients with their Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) initiatives, I find it exciting and rewarding.



The difficult child of regulatory reporting

In this period of annual closing and maximum effort for all reporting teams, you will probably agree that there is one that is particularly daunting. I am of course talking about the Pillar 3 disclosures.

05.03.2020 / BRUSSELS


Lessons learned from an IFRS17 project

Now that the development phase of IFRS 17 projects is almost over, it is time to look back and learn from our experience. Avantage Reply has the pleasure to invite you to a breakfast of reflexion, take stock of where the other players stand and share your experiences to avoid common pitfalls.

Case Study

Recovery Plan Test

Avantage Reply was requested by an international bank to design the crisis scenario, prepare the communication materials and to coordinate the execution of the recovery plan “fire drill”. Avantage Reply proposed an idiosyncratic and system-wide scenario that enabled them to test the formation of the bank's Crisis Management Committee (CMC) and provide concrete suggestions to improve the recovery plan.

Case Study

Data Lineage Roadmap Definition for the Brexit Entity of a Global Investment Bank

Avantage Reply assisted a leading global investment bank in putting together an end-to-end project plan and roadmap covering data lineage for market, credit and liquidity risk to satisfy the BCBS 239 requirements. This allowed the client to quickly mobilise the required stakeholders to ensure compliance.


Managing the peaks in activity during closings has been a recurring issue for CFO’s. We propose an innovative approach, guaranteeing experienced and trained resources to ensure timely and quality closings. This comes bundled with access to our Avantage Academy, to keep your internal resources up to date on the latest regulatory evolutions.


Case Study

Electronic trading global policy and Governance framework

A major global investment bank requested Avantage Reply to assist in the delivery of a governance framework and global policy for electronic trading. Find out how Avantage Reply aided the client in developing, agreeing upon and embedding a tailored electronic trading governance framework in line with regulatory expectations.

Case Study

IMM, IMA and IRB: Roadmap Delivery for the Brexit Entity of a Global Investment Bank

Avantage Reply used their expertise to help the new Brexit entity of a global investment bank meet the requirements of the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR). Learn about the challenges faced in developing and embedding the roadmap and the solutions provided.

04.12.2019 - 05.12.2019 / Frankfurt


Handelsblatt Annual Conference on Banking Technology 2019

Win the competition at the customer interface through Operational Excellence and Cloud - this is the motto of the 25th Handelsblatt Jahrestagung Banken-Technologie on 4 and 5 December 2019 in Frankfurt. Meet Blue Reply among the exhibitors.

31.07.2019 / Finance


Why start-ups need to think about hiring specialist financial resource

Many start-ups or early stage business are often reluctant to hire specialist financial resource. This reluctance could hinder the successful development of the company.

29.05.2019 / finance derivative

Press Article

Caught between global economic trends and technology change

The financial services industry has been, and still is, in a process of transformation. The Reply Financial Services Outlook 2019 gives a 360° overview from Risk Management to Digital Transformation.

Case Study

A governance framework for Algorithmic Trading

A major Global investment bank requested Avantage Reply to assist with the delivery of a Governance framework and Global policy for electronic trading to satisfy the PRA SS 5/18 requirements.

27.09.2018 / Luxembourg


Anacredit Workshop with ECB

Avantage Reply will be hosting a Anacredit Workshop with ECB in Luxembourg. The workshop will provide an opportunity to share the experience on Anacredit implementation for institutions, take a look at functional requirements and IT architecture and learn from industry practices and solutions.