13.07.2018 / Internet of Things


The success of Industrial IoT depends on strong leadership

The media has broadly reported the consumer applications of IoT, but the truly transformative impact of IoT is being experienced most dramatically in industry.


Helping customers build direct channels of communication

We are experienced in B2C sectors, but increasingly in B2B and B2B2C; helping organisations that currently have an indirect relationship with their customers, create new Direct models that do not risk upsetting their Retail, Broker or Wholesale Partners.

B2B commerce

Best Practice

B2B Commerce Approach

Portaltech Reply has extensive experience in implementing B2B ecommerce solutions with multi-user account management, tailored assortments, customer-specific pricing, credit management and similar B2B functionality.
Portaltech Reply implements SAP Travel Accelerator to align your business to your customers with the industry’s most modern multi-channel commerce solution.

16.11.2011 - 18.11.2011


TOSM Torino Software and Systems Meeting 2011

Santer Reply, the Reply Group company specialized in the development, implementation and management of vertical application and services for Local Health Authorities, Hospitals, Municipalities and Regions, took part in the 2011 edition of TOSM held from 16 to 18 November 2011 in Turin.

25.05.2010 - 27.05.2010


TOSM: your advantage network

Reply was present at the Expo that, arrived in 2010 at its 3rd edition, promoted and improved the matching among ICT entrepreneurs and enterprises that search in ICT concrete answers for competitiveness.

Best Practice

Global Process Enablement

In today’s economic environment, key goals for most organisations are to reduce cost, drive down cycle times and find new and innovative ways to gain an advantage.  A traditional approach to achieving this was to automate manual processes or consolidate systems in to a single process.  Whilst the intention of this approach is good the execution and the resulting outcome often fails to deliver the promised return.

Case Study

Cable & Wireless. Single Product Provisioning Platform.

Glue Reply was engaged by Cable & Wireless (C&W), one of the world’s leading international communications companies, to support the architecture and design of a single provisioning IT platform, a platform flexible enough to support complex business processes.

Case Study

Process Orchestration to optimize the data and messages exchange

The customer is the European leader in the field of multimedia telephone directories, its success relies on a database constantly updated and upgraded with the newest information, integrated communication and research tools.