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METRON - Energy Intelligence for Industries

Metron has developed an AI energy platform to help industrial factories become energy transparent. By harnessing multiple sources of data generated by industrial systems, METRON Energy Virtual Assistant leverages the latest machine learning capabilities and dedicated knowledge bases to proactively identify energy savings opportunities, connect to decentralized energy resources and turn energy into a profit centre.


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26.06.2018 / Internet of Things

News & Communication

Breed Reply invests in two more early-stage IoT businesses in Europe

Breed Reply, a leading active operational investor in early-stage Internet of Things (IoT) businesses, has today announced two new investments, CageEye and ubirch. The companies have secured a total of €5.8 million in funding, including this investment round, since they were launched.

25.05.2018 / Series A funding

News & Communication

Breed Reply backs Connecterra’s Series A funding round

Breed Reply, a leading active operational investor in early-stage Internet of Things (IoT) businesses, has increased its investment in Dutch AgriTech company, Connecterra, as part of a significant Series A funding round.

24.05.2018 / Portfolio / Connecterra

Press Article

Connecterra shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence for Agriculture after securing substantial Series A funding

Award-winning Dutch startup Connecterra has secured a significant Series A round investment for its AI-powered Dairy Farmers Assistant “Ida” and won a significant EU subsidy, ensuring further growth and innovation for the company.

05.04.2018 / Portfolio / Connecterra

Press Article

Georgia Dairy Farm First in the U.S. to Adopt Google-Powered Machine Learning Wearable for Cows

Cows residing at Hart Agriculture’s Seven Oaks Dairy farm in Waynesboro, Georgia are ready for the spotlight as they’re currently sporting the latest artificial intelligence technology.

05.04.2018 / Portfolio / Connecterra

Press Article

Georgia Grassfed Dairy Farm First in U.S. to Use Google AI for Farming Efficiency

On a small rural dairy farm in Waynesboro, Ga., dairy cows roam with trackers that use artificial intelligence technology, thanks to the help of a Netherlands startup and engineers at Google.

10.01.2018 / Portfolio / Connecterra

Press Article

Getting Cows Online

Yasir Khokhar, Connecterra CEO, Talking Business with Aaron Heslehurst on BBC World News.

17.11.2017 / Portfolio / Connecterra

Press Article

How Connecterra is getting thousands of cows online

Yasir Khokhar is on a mission to digitise farming. When he says he started Connecterra after a problem ‘stared him right in the face’, he’s talking literally.

26.10.2017 / Portfolio / Connecterra

Press Article

Meet the “connected cow”

The concept of the “smart cow” might sound like an oxymoron, but the rapid development of internet of things (IoT) technology has ushered in an era when even the world’s largest companies are talking about the “connected cow” with a straight face.

29.03.2017 / Portfolio / Connecterra

Press Article

'Fitbit for cows' could help farmers increase productivity

CNBC's Aditi Roy reports the latest from The World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in Burlingame, California.

19.01.2017 / Portfolio / Connecterra

Press Article

AgFunder Innovation Awards 2016 Winners Announced

Startup activity in food and agriculture technology is growing dramatically; at AgFunder we’ve come across over 5k companies since 2014.

27.12.2016 / Portfolio / Connecterra

Press Article

A year in review: Connecterra

With a tagline ‘fitbit for cows’, this Amsterdam based startup had our attention right from the early start.

16.11.2016 / Portfolio / Connecterra

Press Article

Under the radar: ‘What happens when you put a sensor on a cow?’

Before winning the Web Summit pitch competition last week, not many people had heard of ‘fitbit for cows’ startup Connecterra.

19.05.2016 / Portfolio / Connecterra

Press Article

Connecterra Raises $1.8m for Intelligent Animal Health Monitoring Technology

Connecterra, a Dutch animal health monitoring technology company, has raised $1.8 million in seed funding.