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Achieving Clearer Visibility with Cloud Data

Ireland-based materials manufacturer, Kingspan has recently deployed AWS accelerator solution, AMP, from Storm Reply to help the company maximise its data.

05.10.2023 / Webinar


Discover the Benefits of an API-first Approach

How can organizations effectively evolve their core business applications while increasing the pace of development and how can the "API economy" approach help with this? Live Reply looks at these questions and shows the benefits that an API-first approach can bring to businesses. The experts show concepts of the API Economy and Kong Gateway that were realized at Sky Italia.

21.11.2023 - 08.12.2023 / Germany-wide


Roboverse Reply Onsite Roadshow

Get inspired by Roboverse Reply, Preferred Solution Partner in EU and UK of Boston Dynamics, and book a free Spot® Robot Demo at your company onsite.

Streaming Data Ingestion, from the batch model to real-time 0

Streaming Data Ingestion


Streaming Data Ingestion, from the batch model to real-time

Traditional software architecture in financial services uses batch processes to manage data, but the need for data freshness pushes towards real-time streaming. In this article we show use cases of Offloading and Data Integration in near-real time, to reduce costs and improve data access.


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In December 2022, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) published the standard on the prudential treatment of exposures to cryptoassets. Avantage Reply guides clients in the evolution of their risk management framework to stay ahead of market changes.


White Paper

Climate and environmental risk integration within the prudential framework: Sustainable-FRTB

Climate change will continue for many decades to come, Banks should adequately incorporate climate-related and environmental risk within their governance and risk management frameworks in order to mitigate risks.

05.10.2023 / Vienna


Security in the Digital World

Learn more about current cloud security challenges, their impact on enterprises, and what established practices you can use to mitigate risks. Discuss with experts from Spike Reply, Trend Micro, DigiCert and AWS!

Customer Service

Case Study

PhiAcademy: A makeover for the permanent makeup webshop

The relaunch of its web store has enabled PhiAcademy, the leading B2B retailer in the beauty sector, to grow its revenue by 132 %. This was made possible by a PaaS-based implementation on Plattform.sh and the migration to Shopware 6. Learn more about the first Shopware project of this kind.


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AI-led business processes – getting the balance right between business impact and staff satisfaction

David Semach, CEO of AIM Reply, spoke to Information Age about how businesses can keep staff motivated and productive alongside AI-led business processes.

13.09.2023 / 3D & Mixed Reality

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Infinity Reply Named Unreal Engine Authorized Service Partner

Infinity Reply have been named an Unreal Engine Authorized Service Partner by Epic Games. The status recognises companies that are making an outstanding contribution to successful projects and are capable of helping customers achieve success.

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Glue Reply has unveiled its new service based on compliance testing and a user-centric approach. The novel consulting service seeks to bridge the gap between organisational FCA implementation and exceptional consumer experience.


Briefing Note

Solvent Exit Planning for Non-Systemic Banks and Building Societies

The Consultation Paper outlines the Prudential Regulation Authority’s (”PRA”) proposals for non-systemic banks and building societies in the UK to prepare, as part of their business-as—usual activities, for an orderly ‘solvent exit’ and if needed, to be able to execute one.

12.09.2023 - 14.09.2023 / San Francisco


Arlanis Reply at Dreamforce 2023

Arlanis Reply attends Dreamforce 2023 in San Francisco from 12 to 14 September 2023. Our experts show how to successfully implement planning, development and integration of Salesforce solutions and services with Arlanis Reply.

19.09.2023 / Webinar


Eloqua Release 23C

Join our us for our webinar on 19 September 2023 to learn more about the new Eloqua Release 23C. It includes new features like redirect for Landing Pages, Hyperlink Tracking Updates, the new Webhook App for Eloqua, and new features in the Eloqua Redwood Experience. In addition to the release update, our Like Reply experts give insights into our apps like the Generative AI Assistant App.



Microservices architectures in infrastructure cloudization

Introduction to the cloudization of microservices applications with some considerations on the pros and cons

Microservices architectures in infrastructure cloudization 0

13.09.2023 - 14.09.2023 / FRANKFURT


4brands Reply at ECR Day 2023

4brands Reply is represented at ECR Day 2023 with their own booth. The experts provide insights into Next Generation Retail processes of an FMCG producer in their presentation on "Digital retail branches - Lever for sustainable process innovation at consumer goods manufacturers" on 13 September 2023.

06.09.2023 - 10.09.2023 / Munich


Reply at IAA Mobility 2023

Reply presents their Generative AI Chatbot as well as innovations in the autonomous People Mover. Also, visit our presentation on Audi's Cloud Transformation together with Audi and AWS.

25.08.2023 / Network Infrastructure


Why Investing in Network Infrastructure Delivery Management is a Smart Business Decision

In today's tech-driven landscape, a robust network infrastructure is non-negotiable for business growth. Our latest article delves into the why and how of investing in Network Infrastructure Delivery Management.



Operating Model Pain Points

Through our experience working in the technology sector across multiple industries, we can assuredly say a common opportunity exists in organisations from large to small. Failure to address it can cause the undiagnosed issues to fester away in teams, domains, companies, building up frustration over time.

Supply Chain Global Lakehouse 0

Supply Chain

Best Practice

Supply Chain Global Lakehouse

The design of the Global Lakehouse began with the creation of a Data Platform dedicated to the Supply Chain department, to reach the goal of unearth the entire logistical life cycle of the car, from the issue of purchase order to the delivery of the product to the final customer. The main purpose was the design of a solution to perform business analysis on a series of key KPIs of interest.