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New focus on remote working for Microsoft Stores

Close to 2,000 employees normally working at Microsoft’s numerous retail outlets around the globe have now provided virtual training to 65,000 individuals in multiple sectors, including healthcare, finance, education, and government.


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Microsoft aids consortium to make NHS ventilators

Major UK technology, engineering and industrial enterprises from a host of sectors – including automotive, aerospace and medical – have formed a consortium, combining expertise to create medical ventilators, helping the NHS meet the demands of COVID-19.


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Printer manufacturers test Microsoft solution to save money

The Ricoh Company is testing out a wide range of tools created by Microsoft at its Shropshire-based factory in order to lower the quantity of toner it loses when its equipment fills containers.


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Microsoft releases new collaborative crisis application

In reaction to recent events regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, an app that allows colleagues to communicate effectively during a crisis has been released by Microsoft.


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Microsoft releases edge zones for cloud platform

Microsoft has announced the official launch of Edge Zones for its cloud computing service Azure. The release of Edge Zones will enable users of Azure to now bring all their applications straight to the Redmond-based firm’s edge locations.

Abdul Gaffar


The Future Of Computing Is At The Edge — And The Transition Is Already Here

In the first step of a 3 part journey taking you through Mobile Edge Technology, this article will provide a general overview of what Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is, why it’s important, and why you need to prepare for it.

Case Study

ECB's OSI CREDIT RISK Remediation plan design and implementation

In order to actively work on the remediation of ECB recommendations resulting from an OSI on Credit risk management, the client has requested Avantage Reply to set up an independant analysis of all the recommendations, to define a remediation action plan and to steer and follow its implementation.


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The Board of Directors approves the half-year financial report as of 30 June 2020

Today, the Board of Directors of Reply S.p.A. [MTA, STAR: REY] approved the results as at 30 June 2020. Since the start of the year, the Group has recorded a consolidated turnover of €615.2 million, which is an increase of 7.2% compared to the same period in 2019.

31.07.2020 / AGRITECH


Why we need a global agritech strategy

Here’s the challenge: we need more food, with less land in a more unpredictable environment. Read on to find out why agritech might just be a big part of the solution.


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Microsoft initiative supports remote learning during COVID-19 outbreak

Schools identified by Microsoft to have an investment in technology are helping teachers across the country to action remote learning options for students now at home under lockdown.

Immersive Experience


Virtual Interactive Showroom

Protocube Reply believes that the value of the technological solution lies, above all, in the digital experience it is able to provide, where emotion and engagement play a central role, together with usability and technical innovation.

Interact and engage with customers in a fully virtual environment

Virtual Interactive Showroom 0

28.07.2020 / Information Age

Press Article

How blockchain could play a relevant role in putting Covid-19 behind us

Tommy Jamet, manager at Blockchain Reply, discusses how blockchain can help industries put the Covid-19 pandemic behind them in this Information Age Editor's Choice Article.

Best Practice

State of the art quantum technologies and solutions

Quantum computing and quantum computers probably represent the only practical, near-term solution to solving otherwise unsolvable problems, thanks to unprecedented computing power, speed, and memory capacity.

27.07.2020 / Information Age

Press Article

Use Cases for Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain Reply's upcoming health credential solution is in the spotlight with Information Age, in a new feature exploring in depth the various use cases that blockchain technology has within the healthcare sector.

26.07.2020 / Fintech Magazine

Press Article

Tech Enablement Across the Wealth Management Value Chain

Market conditions are forcing financial institutions to find new models for growth. Karine Marechal, Associate Partner at e*finance consulting Reply takes a look at one of the largest identified gaps for growth - the underserved and overlooked mass affluent segment.


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Cutting-edge communication software adopted by NHS Scotland

All NHS employees in Scotland will now use Microsoft’s collaboration and communication platform Teams to work while battling the coronavirus outbreak.

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Best Practice

Commercial Strategy Banking

Technology Reply, the Italian certified Oracle OPN Member, has developed and continues to actively support, for an important italian direct bank, an innovative financial advisory tool based on innovative portfolio analysis concepts to offer its clients the best investment opportunities.

28.05.2020 / Consultancy.uk

Press Article

Strategic challenges of cloud adoption in financial services

While the move to the cloud was already well underway in financial services, the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for virtual organising, and specifically slipstream cloud-based working. But while moving to the cloud can unlock significant benefits, it also comes with several challenges.

27.07.2020 / New banking applications


The Long Road to the Level Playing Field

The Bank of England has published two key documents in relation to the banking landscape in the UK for non-systemic banks. These proposals are a step in the right direction, but do they go far enough?

Case Study

Reshaping of the IRRBB risk measurement framework

Avantage Reply was engaged to support this client with improving its IRRBB measurement framework in line with regulatory and internal expectations.


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Legal firm alters future work strategy with Microsoft solution

Following the end of the UK government’s lockdown restrictions, Slater and Gordon Lawyers is planning to change how staff are working long-term after successfully employing Microsoft Teams in its business processes during the pandemic.


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UK government seals cloud deal with Microsoft

The government’s executive agency, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), has now signed a non-binding agreement with Microsoft.