Case Study

Regulatory Reporting of a UK Branch, EU Bank

Avantage Reply assisted the UK branch of an EU bank who was expanding its UK activities in deposit-taking and commercial mortgages. The goal of the project was to assist the client with its regulatory reporting and compliance in the UK. Avantage Reply reviewed the reporting requirements for the branch and developed a comprehensive suite of all reports that branches in the UK need to review and assess.

Climate Risk

Briefing Note

Environment & Climate Risk RMF Self-assessment

Leveraging on ECB Guide on climate-related and environmental risks and emerging market practices, Avantage Reply has developed a self-assessment tool for financial institutions. The key objective is to help financial institutions while engaging bilateral discussions with ECB early 2021 and evaluating internal capabilities in terms of Environment and Climate-related risk management framework. Interactive and practical, the self-assessment tool covers the key building blocks of ERM function and assesses an institution’s readiness and preparedness in identifying, measuring and managing climate-related risks. Integration of climate dimensions at the highest level of the organization is key due to the transversal impact of climate risk over credit, market, liquidity, operational and other transversal risks.

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Don't play at work, but use gamification in your training!

Human beings by their nature prefer playful activities. When we play we are more focused because we immerse ourselves in the challenge and we are less stressed because we see the game as something we want to do and not as a duty. Join Aktive Reply in this webinar to understand how Gamification can be leveraged to entice employees to acquire new skills or improve those they already possess.

Don't play at work, but use gamification in your training! 0

Stress Testing

Briefing Note

Impact of COVID-19 on Stress Test Models

Since the 2008 financial crisis, regulators have emphasised the importance for banks of using stress tests to better identify potential weaknesses in their banking books, trading books and liquidity positions in the event of market turmoil. This paper will show model outcomes likely to be observed by banks in the 2021 STEBA and propose solutions and considerations for banks to mitigate the risk of having to deal with unrealistic model outcomes.


Case Study

Cloud Migration: Lufthansa reduces TCO by 16 percent

Red Reply supports Lufthansa in handling the complex lift-and-reshape migration process in the shortest possible time and ensures that several TB of data are fully transferred between the on-premise data centre and the OCI.

Cloud Migration Lufthansa reduces TCO by 16 percent 0

09.04.2020 / Azure DevOps



The assurance and visualization of software quality is essential for software development. In this webinar, Cluster Reply presents solutions using Microsoft Azure DevOps and automated integration testing and illustrated the cycles of software testing.

19.05.2020 / Azure DevOps



Pull requests in Microsoft Azure DevOps can supercharge the software development. In this webinar, Cluster Reply shows possible solutions to set up development projects successfully and transparently.

07.05.2020 / Azure Cognitive services



During this Webinar Cluster Reply explained how Machine Learning and Azure Form Recognizer can be used to extract structured information from heterogeneous documents.

09.11.2020 / IoT Solution


Building an IoT secure and customizable solution on azure

Do you want a secure IoT system? Do you need to customize at any point your IoT solution in no time? In IoT security shouldn't be underestimated, and also managing updates for your devices may be an issue.

23.11.2020 / Azure DevOps


Cloud & DevOps

Discover how to bring your application from code to production with a single click.

10.09.2020 / Log Analytics



Cluster Reply explains how to monitor your infrastructures and applications in Azure using Log Analytics, Application Insights and Power BI.

24.09.2020 / MULTI CLOUD AZURE



The webinar begin with a brief introduction on how a cloud based approach can improve enteprise processes while saving costs and enables many previously hard to implement solutions.


Briefing Note

Supervisory Expectations for International Banks in the UK

On 11 January 2021, the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) published a set of documents to outline its approach to international banks (including designated investment firms) operating in the UK, covering both subsidiary and branch structures. This was expected. Our briefing note summarises the key proposals and outlines what they mean for international banks.



Future fit technology: preparing for what's next

Valorem Reply is partnering with industry experts from Forrester and Databricks to share some insight on the future of work and how to refocus your digital strategy and investments for success. Join us for a deep dive into how lagging tech strategies clash with market changes and how organizations are reimagining their approach to technology to keep up.

30.06.2020 / Digital Transformation


3N3 Episode 4- Azure Sentinel

Valorem Reply's 3N3 vlog series covers all things Cloud, Digital Security, Modern Workplace, Modern Devices and Business Process Automation. Our Digital Transformation experts share quick tips and details on transformative technologies that could have a big impact on the future of business.

28.04.2020 / Digital Experience


Azure Personalizer – Deliver smarter, more precise customer experience.

The future of the digital experience is personalization. Microsoft's API service, Azure Personalizer, allows you to utilize the power of your customer data to increase engagement, loyalty and advocacy. This article explains how.

02.07.2020 / CAF


Cloud Adoption Speed – A Vital (and often overlooked) IT Modernization Decision

One of the strategic decisions you should consider before using Microsoft’s CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) is the speed of cloud adoption. Cloud Architect, Ken Knight, explains a few strategies behind adoption speeds and modernization motivations that could influence your timeline.

16.07.2020 / ARR


Azure Remote Rendering Summer Updates

Valorem Reply's Director of Global Innovation Research and Incubation and Microsoft MVP Rene Schulte shares details on some exciting new Azure Remote Rendering (ARR) applications- ARR Showcase App & ARR Asset Tool. Read this article to learn how these new tools will make life easier for Azure and HoloLens developers.

08.10.2020 / Kubernates & Docker


Containerization, Kubernetes & Docker- New Development Trends You Should Know

Containerization has become a major trend in software development with tools like Kubernetes and Docker to help teams better manage their app performance and infrastructure reliability. Valorem Reply Solutions Consultant Muhammed Rizwan explains why this new approach is gaining such popularity among developers and how it can help businesses reduce costs.

14.08.2020 / Mixed Reality


Building Cross-Platform AR Experiences with Azure Spatial Anchors

The Azure Mixed Reality world is not standing still and Valorem Reply is helping clients and the tech community stay ahead of this emerging tech, by partnering with various AR/VR organizations to deliver.


Briefing Note

ICAAP quantitative tools

Leveraging on its experience and in line with market practices, Avantage Reply has developed several assets for the ICAAP covering risk quantification and capital planning. This tools are covering the following themes: 1) Risk identification; 2) IRRBB 3) Credit Concentration risk 4) Operational risk 5)Capital planning

12.02.2021 / Webinar


Leveraging the Power of Inventory Optimization

With SAP IBP Inventory Optimization, you get the ability to combine planning and monitoring of inventory and keep an overview of the supply chain. 4brands Reply shows how to benefit from innovative approaches of inventory optimization and how to implement these with SAP IBP's Inventory Optimization solution.



QuBites – a simplified Quantum Computing series

Valorem's Global R&I Director is excited to announce a new series from the Valorem Video Studio, called QuBites. This weekly series will break down Quantum Computing concepts and use cases to help business leaders learn more about the next wave of technology disruption in quick and easy to consume segments.