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07.11.2018 / Internet of Things


Why now is a great time to invest in IoT

After four years into our journey as a VC specialising in IoT, we review our learnings and share insights into the market indicators that motivate us to expand our portfolio further.

30.10.2018 / Portfolio insights / Sentryo


Tough tech made easy is COOL

In our second instalment of our in-depth interviews series with founders of our portfolio companies, we talk to Laurent Hausermann – COO of Sentryo.

25.10.2018 / Generate Entrepreneur


Investing in New Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs seeking funding to expand their business, choosing the right investment partner is critical.

18.10.2018 / IoT events


Seizing the IoT Opportunity - Making IoT a reality for investors and industry

On the 2nd of October, Breed Reply and Newgate Communication hosted a landmark IoT Investor Event at Aviva's Digital Garage in London.

28.08.2018 / Portfolio insights / Senseye


From Baby Steps to Giant Leaps

In the first of a series of in-depth interviews with founders of our portfolio companies, we talk to Simon Kampa – CEO of Senseye .

25.07.2018 / IoT tips


Ten Top Tips for Creating a Knockout Pitch Deck

We share insights on the kind of content and delivery that gets us sitting forward and eager to engage with IoT entrepreneurs.

13.07.2018 / Internet of Things


The success of Industrial IoT depends on strong leadership

The media has broadly reported the consumer applications of IoT, but the truly transformative impact of IoT is being experienced most dramatically in industry.

06.07.2018 / Internet of Things


Why are AI and IoT perfect partners for growth?

IoT that is augmented and enhanced by machine learning is effectively multiplying the impact and benefit to those businesses who are adopting these complimentary technologies.

04.07.2018 / Internet of Things


IoT Insights from Wimbledon 2018

Wimbledon may well be a British institution – but the sport of tennis was one of the first to embrace smart tech at the heart of the professional game.

04.07.2018 / Internet of Things


Smart Partners: AI and IoT

Emanuele Angelidis presents insights on how converging technologies create value for progressive businesses.

30.06.2018 / Internet of Things


Creating a High Impact IoT transport business model

We believe IoT entrepreneurs need to ask themselves a central question: Am I meeting a genuine market need? 

19.06.2018 / Startup funding


Five factors for start-ups to focus on when evaluating an investment partner

It's a big step to take the plunge and look for outside investment in your early-stage business.  But it's an even bigger step to sign the deal.

18.06.2018 / Internet of Things


GOAL!!! – IoT is set to have a big impact on this year’s World Cup

Could there be any better time to take a look at how IoT technology is transforming the beautiful game?

14.06.2018 / Digital UK


UK confirmed as a global leader in tech investment

This year’s Tech Nation Report is hot off the press and gives a wealth of insight into the strength, breadth and depth of digital activity in the UK.

04.06.2018 / Internet of Things


Why the Industrial Manufacturing sector is leading the charge in IoT adoption

Business to business (B2B) applications are set to create more value from the Internet of Things than pure consumer (B2C) applications.

02.05.2018 / Internet of Things


Why IoT adoption demands fast payback

How are industrial IoT buyers are looking to realise the value of their investments?

01.05.2018 / Startup funding


Funding Options for Startups

We recently participated in a lively Twitter Q&A with our friends at TechWorld on raising money for startups. The debate covered many questions that are on the minds of many of the IoT entrepreneurs we meet. We've compiled some of our thoughts to share the insight.

09.04.2018 / Internet of Things


How the Internet of Things can transform post-Brexit supply chains

As the UK looks to global trade post-Brexit, the Internet of Things could provide fresh opportunities for British businesses, says Tim Stone of Breed Reply

14.03.2018 / The Breed Reply Network


In a Co-economy, Connection is Everything

Connected, collaborating, combined. That’s the power of the Co-economy and some of the key drivers that are powering the growth of The Internet of Things.

12.03.2018 / Internet of Things


The Breed Reply Difference – Active Operational Investment Explained

Breed Reply is no ordinary venture capital firm. We’ve looked closely at what separates successful Internet of Things start-ups from the also-rans and we’ve developed a model that gives our investee companies the very best chance of success.

26.02.2018 / Best in Breed 7


Pitching to Breed Reply

We are passionate about IoT and the impact we believe it can make, but what does it take to successfully pitch to Breed Reply?