Recovery Plans

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The objective of this paper, is to provide our clients with a comprehensive review of the technical standards related to recovery plans, and observations provided by the industry. Informed by Avantage Reply’s experience in assisting our clients with the preparation of recovery plans, this paper also functions as a user-friendly guide to the technical process of recovery plan preparation.

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Reply Code Challenge Winners

The Reply Code Challenge is a team-based coding competition open to students and professional coders, with an additional challenge open also to teenagers, the Reply Code Challenge Teen Edition.

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Regulatory and Reporting


Avantage Reply: to know more!

Avantage Reply is a pan-European specialised management consultancy delivering change initiatives in the areas of Risk, Finance (Capital Management and Regulatory Reporting), Treasury and Operations, with an excellent reputation for delivering solutions to their clients’ most challenging issues.

Digital Identity

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Staying ahead of the digital identity evolution

Cyberspace represents the total interconnectedness of human beings through computers and telecommunications, regardless of physical geography. It is a term used to describe the whole range of information resources available through computer networks. For our purposes, cyberspace is a realm in which communication and interaction between two individuals, or between an individual and a computer, is facilitated by digital data exchanged over computer networks.​​

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Risk Management

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Avantage Reply releases the first Edition of the CRO Insights Journal

Avantage Reply launches the CRO Insights Journal, a forum for knowledge-sharing and the cross-fertilisation of risk practices across all industry segments.

The publication seeks to fill a gap by helping us all as an industry to better understand, measure and weigh the consequences of risk.

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Open Reply: To know more!

Open Reply provides companies with innovative, digital and technological solutions. In the Benelux France area, we focus our expertise ​​on the financial services sector. From implementing electronic signatures & digital sales processes, to changing your operational excellence program via digital solutions, our experts will accompany you on this journey.



Spike Reply: To know more!

Spike Reply specialises in consultancy services and integrated solutions for business security & fraud management. We assist enterprises wishing to enhance their security posture by identifying threats and implementing the relevant countermeasures while continuing to operate in optimum conditions.

Threat Intelligence Services


Prevention, detection and response at every stage of an attack

Enterprises are facing a growing number of threats coming from Organised Crime, fraudsters and Black Hats, mainly aiming at stealing customer’s information. Understanding real exposure to risk is difficult. Communication Valley Reply’s Threat Intelligence Services allow constant monitoring of major threat vectors.


News & Communication

Banco Popolare chooses Hi Credits and launches ’Youpay Mobile’

Banco Popolare chose Reply for setting up an application that allows the purchase of services on the move. The application, named "Youpay Mobile" is based on Hi credits, the mobile payments solution from Reply which enables innovative Remote and Proximity Payment services.

Wealth Management

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Savings management for optimum results

Reply supplies a complete package of system and personalisation services to help achieve a change programme’s overall objectives. Reply’s team of specialists assists customers throughout the project’s implementation, handling all stages of the work from design through to implementation and system maintenance.

Security for IoT

Best Practice

The new security paradigms for the Internet of Things

To address security for the Internet of Things (IoT), many of the current methods will have to be revisited and adapted for a connected world with an ever-greater need to enable third parties to develop smart-device applications.