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BLOG POST by Julien Recan, Partner, Alpha Reply

Synapse Software Architecture

This blog post is part of our weekly series on Synapse - Alpha Reply’s Platform for testing and stress-testing Financial Institutions Financial Crime Control Environment. This week, I would like to dig deeper into the software architecture of Synapse...

BLOG POST by Julien Recan, Partner, Alpha Reply


This blog post follows on from the initial announcement of Synapse - Alpha Reply Simulation Platform that empowers Financial Institutions to test their Financial Crime control environment. Today, I will provide an overview of what Synapse is all about, covering both business and technical aspects of developing such a platform...

BLOG POST by Julien Recan, Partner, Alpha Reply


Looking back to what now seems to be distant times – 14 months ago – Frederic Gielen and I decided to start Alpha Reply to help Financial Institutions solve complex business problems using data, models, and technology...

Data-centric security with Secupi and Alpha Reply

Alpha Reply collaborates with SecuPi in order to provide a solution for complying with privacy regulations and protect sensitive data.

Cloud Computing in Web App Development - What are you waiting for?

With the ever-increasing popularity and advancement of Web App developments, web services are constantly evolving to satisfy client requests irrespective of geographical location. Read more now...


AI in AML: joining the party before it's too late.

Over the last years, regulators have gained extensive powers to impose fines and sanctions: US regulators have taken the lead, while European supervisors play catch-up. AML fines in Europe and the UK totaled...

AI in AML joining the party before it's too late. 0
GCP Certified. From zero to hero in 3 weeks 0

GCP Certified. From zero to hero in 3 weeks

The volume and demand of data have been increasing significantly in recent years with the development of Big Data analysis technologies as well as growing capabilities of the IT infrastructure. Nowadays, people can also gain insights from...

How safe is your money?

The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), the push from the Financial Services Authority (FCA) for a more competitive “Banking Landscape” and the rise of cloud platforms have created, over the past 4 years, massive opportunities for entrepreneurs to create tech platforms offering customers fully-digital banking services. Here, we focus on “E-Money Institutions (EMI)” which is a new type of regulated entity introduced by PSD2...

GDPR: the innovation of a start-up with the strength of a leading global consultancy

I am delighted to introduce Keepabl and Alpha Reply partnership, which brings a simple, practical, and intuitive way for Alpha Reply customers...

Alpha Reply & Keepabl's UNIQUE

Alpha Reply & Keepabl's UNIQUE GDPR SOLUTION!

Alpha Reply partners with Keepabl to revolutionize GDPR compliance in the...

We partner with ClauseMatch!

Alpha Reply partners with ClauseMatch to provide their clients with expertise on Digital Transformation in compliance and real-time document collaboration software.