The changing face of integration

Cloud, Digital and APIs

Changing face of integration


New technological paradigms such as Cloud, Digital and Big Data present businesses with new opportunities for improved customer centricity and an opportunity to engage in a more real-time manner with customers.

Digital Transformation is underpinned by a shift towards customer centricity of businesses and providing customers with more relevant digitally enabled services. In order to get closer to the customer and provide them with more meaningful information, businesses essentially need to integrate data sources and provide relevant information to the context of a situation.

Glue Reply

Glue Reply is the Reply Group company specialising in IT architecture, integration and data solutions that drive value for organisations. Pragmatic in its approach, Glue Reply provides independent advice on the technology solutions that fulfil business objectives. Our core proposition is to help clients maximise value from their business change and technology investments by helping them define, design, implement and resource best practice.

The need for speed

Integration is prevalent in more places and in more different ways than it was historically. Consumers as well as business users’ expectations have changed, leading to the necessity of more integration in less time.

In traditional scenarios, the intermediation between the system of records layer and the customer facing channels was handled by some sort of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture. This kind of classic Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), however, sometimes no longer satisfies the need for agility in organisations.

With the emergence of APIs the technology used for integration has changed significantly. APIs typically offer finer granularity compared with Services in an SOA environment. To companies this enables more flexibility and the ability to deliver much more rapidly and productively to support the realisation of a more customer centric experience.

The maturing of cloud services has introduced another disruptor in the integration landscape: An integration Platforms as a Service (iPaaS) can combine API and traditional integration capabilities whilst also offering deployment in cloud, on premise or enabling hybrid topologies.

Another key area of change in the market is related to mobile. Mobile first approaches have been widely adopted in the market where companies attempt to provide better user experience following a customer centric philosophy. While this was initially not related to integration domain, the emerging Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADPs) with their ability to quickly deploy changes have a considerable impact on how integration is realised.

Microservices as a broad domain of encapsulation and management of functionality as deployable services also significantly impacts the integration domain. It firstly introduces patterns to solve common problems. In most cases the demands of the microservices architecture are intrinsically dependent on the integration capabilities that are used for composition, orchestration and exposure.

Design oriented, agile integration

Glue Reply supports companies in adapting integration strategies and IT architectures to the changing technological conditions and emerging paradigms such as APIs, Microservices and automation.

Glue Reply is supporting organisations in understanding the changing market and making the technological changes contextually relevant to them. This is done through delivering strategies and architectures to support organisations in harnessing the benefits they can accrue from the paradigm shifts and enabling organisations to execute in a manner that delivers on the digital imperative in an responsive and robust manner.

Glue Reply also helps companies to leverage the capabilities of new end-to-end integration that require a new way of thinking: traditional approaches to centralised governance have proven to thwart the beneficial effects of more agile processes and counteracted the new technology’s enabling capabilities. Therefore Glue Reply assists their customers in determining viable, result-oriented integration strategies following an agile approach, to quickly maximise the benefits of the architecture both for the organisation and its customers.