Business Capabilities

White Paper

Business Capabilities and Business Services Lessons Learned

Over the last 10 years a strong driver for the development of Enterprise Architecture has been to align organisations around a common set of capabilities and outcomes. This has often been driven through the use of Business Capability based planning techniques, a methodology Glue Reply has been heavily involved in since its’ inception.


White Paper

Integration patterns in Microservice architecture

Microservices are the evolution of best-practice application design principles that shape the delivery of solutions to the business in the form of services. This paper, developed by Glue Reply, details about the different challenges from an integration perspective in a microservice architecture and different options to address them.


White Paper

Evaluation of IPAAS

iPaaS platforms are gaining momentum and are recognised as one of the key enablers of digital transformation for their ability to provide for ever-changing business requirements with lower cost, productivity (quick-to-market), scalable solutions. This whitepaper provides insights into vGlue Reply’s iPaaS evaluation methodology which has evolved and been successfully applied to perform assessments for customers of various sizes and maturity.

Agile Incubator

Best Practice

Be more Agile, be more innovative

To shorten their time-to-market, companies need to be faster. In order to compete, they also have to become more innovative. Agile methods hold the key to success in both cases. It is then necessary to translate the agile approach into one's own actions, and at the same time to make cultural change to „more agile“ as well.

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Cloud solution

Case Study

Executing digital transformation with cloud based integration

Cluster Reply were engaged at the start of the Connect programme working in partnership with Grainger to define the programme requirements, the technical scope and to implement the integration solution in alignment with the Grainger business transformation strategy.

09.02.2021 / Online


Data Reply at OOP 2021

Data Reply is present at the online conference OOP - Software meets business: The Conference for Software Architecture - from 8 to 12 February 2021. Join the experts' presentation "It's not just Kafka - what else does it take to be real-time?" on 09 February from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m..


Case Study


Glue Reply helps Inchcape enhance customer experience and deliver to the diverse market demands through centralized data integration using the relevant digital technologies.

CRM for Stock Exchange

Case Study

Best Customer Service

Syskoplan Reply developed a consistent Customer Relationship Management solution for Deutsche Börse. SAP CRM standard software was refined to create a solution specially tailored to the needs of Deutsche Börse that optimally supports the business processes for the specialised areas.

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03.02.2020 - 07.02.2020 / Munich


Data Reply at OOP 2020

Visit Data Reply as co-exhibitor at the Confluent booth in the Confluent Streaming Area from 3 to 7 February 2020 at OOP - Software meets business: the conference for software architecture.

Cornwall Council

Case Study


Cornwall Council was looking to transform their IT capability after years of underutilisation. Glue Reply has helped drive this transformation, envisioning and architecting the creation of a modern, digitally-enabled organisation with technology at its heart.


Best Practice

Developing Applications using Microservices and Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

Microservices based architectures allow for increased scalability and agility when developing and maintaining Customer focused services. Solidsoft Reply employs Microsoft Azure Service Fabric, a distributed systems platform to package, deploy, and manage scalable and reliable Microservices and containers while supporting native cloud development.


Case Study

Reply works with Sainsbury's to achieve the Holy Grail in Business Driven IT

Retail Reply has helped Sainsbury’s fully integrate its IT strategy with its business growth strategy. This is of huge significance, as it creates an ongoing process by which Sainsbury’s can make informed and accurate IT investment decisions that support and enable the company’s growth and future success.

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