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    4brands Reply

    Experts in the consumer goods industry

    4brands Reply is the expert for the consumer goods industry in the Reply network, helping companies in this industry to design their individual digital transformation processes using innovative IT technologies. The company provides process consulting and system integration for Consumer Engagement, Sales Excellence and Demand Driven Supply Chain.

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    Air Reply

    NetSuite Solution Provider

    Air Reply specialises in the design and integration of the NetSuite cloud-based ERP solution and is a NetSuite Solution Provider and a Select Member of the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN). Air Reply can assist its customers both on revising any business processes that need to be moved to a cloud-based model and on the design and implementation of customised applications for desktop and mobile.

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    Airwalk Reply

    Digital transformation

    Airwalk Reply is a leading global consultancy for modern cloud technology adoption and integration. We work with clients with complex technical and organisational challenges to achieve the required business outcomes through strong delivery leadership and technology expertise. We thrive in highly complex environments where technology needs to be delivered alongside regulatory restrictions, risk, compliance, security concerns, resource limitations and evolving customer needs. Unlike many of our competitors, we bring both in-depth technical expertise and programme delivery capability.

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    Aktive Reply

    Digital Transformation & Customer Experience Specialist

    Aktive Reply is the Reply Group Company focused on Digital Content Integration and Delivery. Since 1998 we support enterprises and international customers in the design and implementation of Digital Transformation and Multichannel Digital Marketing solutions based on best of breed platforms and technologies, as Adobe Marketing Cloud, OpenText, Cornerstone HCM and ElasticPath.

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    Alpha Reply

    AI-driven financial enterprise transformation

    Alpha Reply consults on, builds and delivers AI and data-driven solutions for Financial Services, specialising in Digital Innovations, Business Process Efficiency, Risk & Compliance and Financial Crime. The solutions are designed with a focus on delivering business resilience and adapting to changes in consumer behaviours. Clients are Top Tier banks and companies for asset management, insurance or regtech.

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    Arlanis Reply

    Salesforce Platinum Partner

    Arlanis Reply is the Reply Group's specialist in consulting, planning, producing and integrating Salesforce solutions and services. Arlanis Reply supports and enables market leaders to transform their business models, processes and IT architecture in order to achieve competitive advantages and cost effectiveness.

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    Atlas Reply

    Digital Transformation

    Atlas Reply is the company of the Reply group with a consolidated experience in IT Governance, Digital Transformation and Application Operation. Atlas Reply provides consultancy, system integration, application and operation services to maximize the efficacy, the efficiency and the productivity of the IT assets using process automation techniques to manage and evolve application, solutions and processes.

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    Autonomous Reply

    The future is autonomous

    Autonomous Reply is partner for the software and system integration of Autonomous Things (AuT). The experts advise and support companies in the industrial, automotive and New Mobility sector, from sensor technology to infrastructure. Autonomous Reply's services include consulting, software development and the integration of autonomous solutions. Including computer vision and deep learning the experts apply cutting-edge technologies and methods from the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

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    Avantage Reply


    Avantage Reply is a pan-european specialised management consultancy delivering change initiatives in the areas of risk, finance (treasury and capital management, regulatory reporting), compliance and operations, with an excellent reputation for delivering solutions to their clients’ most challenging issues.

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    Avvio Reply

    Brand Engagement

    Avvio Reply is the UK company specialising in Brand Engagement and Internal Communications. Avvio Reply's purpose is to realise the full value of a company's employees. Avvio Reply motivates employees to create, sell and recommend products. When employees are motivated to perform, businesses perform.

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    Industrial IOT Value Scaling Accelerator

    Manage the complete innovation cycle for complex industrial projects in one, a single digital flow. Efficiently leverage the power of your innovation network and speed-up value creation with self-learning modular engineering and step-by-step executable workflows.

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    Full Service Digital Agency

    Bitmama, which specialises in consulting and conceptual design for Digital Branding, is one of Italy’s most important Digital creative Agencies. By combining the creative talent of the Armando Testa Group and Reply’s technological excellence, Bitmama addresses the brand market with a multiplatform approach.

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    Breed Reply

    IoT Advanced Incubator

    Breed Reply, Reply's advanced incubator, funds and supports the development of start-ups on the Internet of Things in Europe and the USA. Breed Reply supports entrepreneurs and young talent by quickly bringing new ideas to the market.

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    Brick Reply

    Manufacturing Operations Management

    Brick Reply™, designed and built by Brick Reply R&D laboratories as a set of independent micro-services, carries out the role of a comprehensive MOM System in the smart factory application landscape, while also acting as an accelerator for enterprise technological solutions, enabling new business opportunities.

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    Click Reply

    Supply Chain Execution

    Click Reply™ is Reply’s integrated platform for Supply Chain Execution, able to support companies in many industrial sectors: Automotive, Telecommunications and catalogue sales industries, fast moving and Electronic.

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    Cluster Reply

    Microsoft technologies and solutions specialist

    Cluster Reply is the company in the Reply group specialized in consulting services and systems integration on Microsoft technologies. It operates in Italy and collaborates with other companies in the group that are Microsoft partners in Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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    Comsysto Reply

    Lean & Agile methods to create inspiring products

    Comsysto Reply has pioneered and leads the lean and agile delivery of tailor made solutions, designed to meet the challenges of digital transformation in enterprises. With a clear focus on agile organization, flexible open source frameworks and cloud services, Comsysto Reply accelerates innovation, mitigates risk and provides sustainable business value.

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    Comwrap Reply

    Cloud-native Digital Experience and e-commerce

    Comwrap Reply specialises in the implementation of cloud-native Digital Experience and e-commerce platforms based on Adobe Experience Cloud and Ibexa DXP. Comwrap Reply differentiates itself from internet agencies and IT consultancies through a "cloud-native strategy": the standards-based integration in the cloud leads to short project runtimes and lower overall project costs. Comwrap Reply’s services include consulting, experience design and system integration.

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    Concept Reply

    IoT and Cloud Computing specialist

    Concept Reply is a software development partner specialized in innovative IoT solutions and offers solutions for its customers in the areas of Smart Infrastructure, Industrial IoT and Connected Car from the idea to the concept phase to implementation, operation and support. With its IoT specialists, the range extends from implementation in the embedded environment to gateway software or cloud applications.

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    Data Reply


    Data Reply is the Reply group company specialised in Big Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Its experience covers 4 main business areas: Sales and Marketing Intelligence, Big Data Engineering & Security Intelligence, Enterprise Intelligence, IoT & Industry4.0 Intelligence.

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    Definio Reply

    Financial Platform

    Definio Reply is a technological platform capable of directing the demands of management, analysis and reporting on portfolios of Financial instruments. The suite has been created to meet the requirements of collection, analysis, control, processing and distribution of financial data.

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    Discovery Reply

    Digital Experience Management

    Discovery Reply™ is Reply’s proprietary platform for Digital Experience Management. A powerful digital asset management tool used for communication, team collaboration, and support of enterprise processes while aiming to drive market initiatives.

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    e*finance consulting Reply


    e*finance consulting Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in Management Consulting Services for Financial Institutions. e*finance consulting Reply accompany their Customers in defining and achieving their strategic business policies through the application of the latest business and distribution models, the evolution of operational processes and tools and the design of new products and services.

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    Fincon Reply

    Financial Service Consulting and Solutions

    Fincon Reply is the consulting and solutions company specializing in banks, the savings bank financial group and the insurance industry. In the banking segment, Fincon Reply advises major banks, the cooperative financial group and selected foreign and specialist banks on specialist, technical, process-related and project methodological issues.

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    Gaia Reply

    Mobile Living Framework

    Gaia Reply™ is the innovative platform Reply launched in the field of Mobility and Multimedia, which makes the data available on Mobile channels and devices.

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    Glue Reply


    Glue Reply specialises in IT architecture, integration and data solutions that drive value for organisations. Glue Reply helps its clients succeed by turning strategy into tangible solutions and vision into practical outcomes. Glue Reply supports and drives clients’ objectives and enables organisational, process and technology change.

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    Go Reply

    Google Cloud Premier Partner

    Go Reply is the company within the Reply Group specialising in the development and implementation of cloud platform architectures and the creation of cloud-based solutions on the Google Platform.

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    Hermes Reply

    IT Consultancy & Implementation services

    Hermes Reply offers management consulting, IT advisory and implementation services for the introduction of industry 4.0 technologies. We have a twenty-years experience in the Automotive and Manufacturing sector and an international presence with office located in Italy, Poland and China.

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    Hi Connect


    Hi connect is a Reply IoT servitization solution. Hi connect operates via end-to-end turn-key Solution Integration as one-stop-shop, exploiting embedded connectivity integration and IoT Mobile App development expertise and specific expertise in HVAC, Foodservice, Refrigeration and Home Appliances.

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    Hi engage

    Contextual Marketing

    Hi engage is a Reply commercial Contextual Marketing solution. It enables brands to open a new, digital and personal channel of communication with their customers. Hi engage accompanies the customer in its purchasing journey from first advertising stimulus to the in-store experience.

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    Infinity Reply

    Virtual and Augmented Reality

    Infinity Reply specializes in the development of customized Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions to enable innovative storytelling and interactive product communication. The portfolio includes XR consulting services, the development of creative and technological concepts, the production and implementation of content based on established technologies, data formats and interaction devices.

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    Laife Reply

    Life Science Consultancy

    Laife Reply is the Reply Group company specialized in the Life Science and Pharma Industry. The consultants support strategic and operational projects along the entire R&D-to-Market continuum. Laife Reply is marked by enthusiasm for science and technology and combines industry and project management experience.

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    Lea Reply

    Logistics Execution Architecture

    LEA Reply™, “Logistics Execution Architecture”, is Logistics Reply’s latest evolution of Supply Chain Software, it builds on 20+ years of industry experience and customer success of previous product suites Click Reply™ and SideUp Reply™. LEA Reply™ is an interconnected platform based on a microservices architecture that enables agile and cost-effective supply chain solutions tailor-made for business needs.

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    Like Reply

    Responding to customer's needs

    Like Reply is an international expert for innovative solutions in the fields of marketing automation, SEO, SEA, marketing performance and attribution modelling. As pioneers of the digital world, the team understands the needs of the clients. Through systematic data analysis Like Reply interprets processes and identifies concrete improvements to optimise the relationship between brand and consumer. These or similar approaches create relevance.

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    Liquid Reply

    Developing concepts which help tame complexity

    Liquid Reply is a Reply Group Company specialized in Container Orchestration & Cloud Native Development. The team focuses on multi- and hybrid cloud solutions, site reliability engineering and operational enablement from day two. As a development partner Liquid Reply strengthens a company-wide, cloud-based culture and helps companies to embrace the ever-changing IT universe as a part of their own DNA.

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    Live Reply

    Telco & Media Solutions

    Live Reply is the Reply Group specialist in digital services and solutions enabled by telco & media technologies. Live Reply provides consulting, development, system integration expertise and solutions on behalf of leading companies in the telco and media industry as well as tier 1 players in financial services, automotive and consumer products.

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    Macros Reply

    Enterprise Content Management

    Macros Reply is a specialist in browser based information and document management as well as archive and mailbox filing solutions especially for banks and insurance companies. The company focuses on efficient caseload processing wellith innovative solutions.

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    Net Reply

    Network transformation specialist

    Net Reply Italia and Net Reply UK are two Reply Group companies focused on network innovation. We support customers in facing the network challenges associated with the digital transformation. Experience the diversity of our offerings.

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    Neveling Reply

    Technology for Creativity

    Neveling Reply is specialized in the development of global website and eCommerce solutions using Microsoft technologies. The results are interactive platforms that combine brands, products and services to create a unique customer experience. This is made possible by the use of state-of-the-art technologies and agile processes that actively involve the customer in the design of the solution right from the start.

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    Nexi Digital

    Shape the technological future of Digital Payments

    Nexi Digital is a Joint Venture company between Nexi Group and Reply with the scope to provide cutting-edge digital solutions to Nexi Group, The European PayTech. Our mission is to design and manage the most efficient, high-quality, bold and secure digital solutions to address Nexi’s European customers with value.

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    Next Reply

    Next generation networks

    Next Reply is the Reply Group company offering consultancy, service and integration in the area of network disaggregation for telco operators and enterprise customers. Next Reply is specialized in network disaggregation and thus focused on improving the flexibility of large networks to increase the level of service by decreasing the time to deploy innovations at the same time.

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    Open Reply


    Open Reply is the Reply Company specialised in E-commerce and Digital Experience. Open Reply helps its clients to incorporate E-commerce solutions and to migrate from their current platform to something better. As well as its specialist skills in E-commerce and systems integration, it provides the digital transformation wrap that makes customer journey a delight.

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    Pay Reply

    Platforms for Mobile Payments

    Pay Reply is a Mobile Payments solution provider and helps Banks, Financial Institutions and Telecommunications companies, Utilities and Retailers to create and deliver innovative Remote and Proximity Payment.

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    Portaltech Reply

    Ecommerce Specialists

    Portaltech Reply is the leading hybris Partner. Portaltech Reply offers an end-to-end set of products and services for multi-channel commerce. This includes: consulting, commerce platform implementation and integration, mobile and digital design, YaaS and on-premise warehouse management, proximity marketing, SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce, mobile payments and Cloud based platforms.

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    Power Reply

    Business Consulting and Digital Strategy

    Power Reply supports companies in the Utility and Oil & Gas market throughout the value chain in the definition of new operating models and in the management of deep digital transformation projects, with solutions and systems in line with the main market and technological trends.

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    Protocube Reply

    3D Integrated Solutions

    Protocube Reply develops 3D integrated solutions that allow the optimization of industrial processes and provide effective and innovative solutions for communication, design, architecture, art and culture. The 3D Integrated Solutions provided by Protocube Reply include technologies such as 3D modeling, surveying and 3D scanning, 3D Printing for both prototyping and production, rendering and 3D animation, virtual photo shooting, 3D configurators for e-commerce, software and advanced 3D applications for communication and industry.

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    Red Reply

    Services and Solutions on Oracle Cloud IaaS and PaaS

    Red Reply is specialised in consulting services and the design and implementation of solutions based on Oracle technology (IaaS and PaaS). Thanks to the expertise it has acquired, Red Reply supports its customers through the various stages of the information systems transformation process, from the design to the implementation of innovative solutions based on the Oracle technology.

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    Reply FRM

    Financial Risk Management

    Reply boasts one of the leading practices specialising in Risk, Treasury and Capital Management and Financial Performance Management in Europe, helping organisations bring a practical vision for Integrated Risk and Performance Management.

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    Reply Game Studios

    the video game development studio

    Reply Game Studios is the game Dev Label of the Reply Group. We are a team of dedicated professionals and we work hard to present our players with exciting AA games that feature high production values, deep gameplay experiences and engaging stories, on PC and next-gen consoles.

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    Reply Shop

    Reply Merchandise

    The ecommerce site is the answer to the increasing demand for items customized with Reply brand. Merchandise Materials are categorized and browsing the site is free. The user is required to register before adding items in the cart. The full cart is saved and available for the next time in case the user did not complete the purchase.

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    Retail Reply


    Retail Reply helps clients accelerate their response to the opportunities of digital transformation and customer experience, both in-store and online, in the retail, fashion and consumer sector. Retail Reply supports clients’ digital transformation across Digital Strategy, Planning, and Delivery.

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    Riverland Reply, a Reply Group company specializing in consulting, implementation and system integration of Oracle solutions, is one of the leading Oracle consultancies in Germany. As an Oracle Excellence Partner and awarded with an CX-Implementers Recognition Award, Riverland Reply is ideally placed to implement tailor-made solutions for its customers.

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    Roboverse Reply

    Robotics and Extended Reality

    Roboverse Reply specializes in the integration scenarios around Robotics and Reality Capture with Mixed Reality, where Cloud or On-Premise Infrastructures require Enterprise-Ready solutions. Roboverse Reply solutions include AI Skills with sensor-based anomaly detection, Fleet Management for Internet of Robotic Things, Digital Twins and Business Logic to deliver end-to-end support for the customers.

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    With a full complement of strategic, creative, technical, marketing and analytics capabilities, we deliver transformative digital solutions that push boundaries and drive results in B2B, B2C and Supply Chain.

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    Sense Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in end-to-end IoT solutions to support the transformation and decarbonisation of the Energy & Utilities, Telecommunications and Smart Cities sectors.

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    SideUp Reply

    The right side to handle logistics

    SideUp Reply™ is the new software application for an effective Warehouse Management, immediately available via web and delivered as a Service. Warehouse activities can be managed with great efficiency and without expensive investments in hardware and software.

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    Sigma Reply


    Sigma Reply is the Reply company offering solutions in the field of Quantum Computing. We support the business to adapt to this new revolution and deliver cutting-edge solutions to a wide range of problems faced by the industry.

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    Solidsoft Reply

    Microsoft & Azure Solutions

    Solidsoft Reply is the Reply group consultancy that develops custom business applications and process integration solutions with Microsoft BizTalk Server and the Azure cloud platform. A global award winning Microsoft Gold certified partner, Solidsoft Reply is a published thought leader and trusted advisor to Microsoft.

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    Spark Reply

    Business & Experience Design

    Spark Reply designs visions and future experiences based on human and business needs. Spark Reply supports clients in defining Business and Tech Strategies and with Business & Experience Design.

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    Spike Reply

    Cybersecurity for Digital Transformation

    Spike Reply is the company within the Reply Group focusing on cybersecurity and personal data protection. Its mission is to safeguard the values and privacy of people, companies and processes in order to support the growth of a global, sustainable digital world through innovation. Confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems are top priorities. Together with its partners, the company provides vendor-independent consulting services to help enterprises achieve a group-wide, security-oriented culture.

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    Sprint Reply

    Accelerate your Business

    Sprint Reply is the Reply group company specialised in Intelligent Process Automation. Our mission is to create automation platforms capable of solving concrete business problems, supporting our customers in the transformation towards the Intelligent Enterprise and the adoption of a scalable and efficient Digital Workforce. In Sprint Reply we combine an execution oriented engineering approach with strong experiences on 4 technology families, Robotic Process Automation, Computer Vision & ICR, AI & Machine Learning and Process Mining, dedicating constant attention to R&D on various Artificial Intelligence issues.

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    The go-to-market experts

    Spur Reply delivers go-to-market consulting that drives results that matter. Their mission is to help clients turn customer, partner, and employee experiences into competitive advantages. In today’s competitive environment, traditional go-to-market strategies often fail due to siloed approaches and lack of thought partnership. Spur Reply’s end-to-end expertise, relentless client obsession, and disciplined and human approach bridges data, processes, and strategy to drive business results — empowering you to design innovative strategies, magnify audience engagement, accelerate business growth, increase partner effectiveness, and fuel execution excellence.

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    The Braining Pot

    Starbytes is an online employment service aimed at freelancers and ICT specialists. Through Starbytes™, Reply matches jobs with candidates in the ICT and creative sectors, thereby guaranteeing maximum transparency and protection in contract and payment conditions.

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    Storm Reply


    Storm Reply is the Reply company specialising in the design and implementation of Amazon cloud-based solutions and services. Storm Reply supports the leading industrial groups in moving their systems and applications to the Cloud.

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    Syskoplan Reply

    The experienced and awarded SAP specialist

    Syskoplan Reply is the Reply Group company specialising in the implementation of the latest, innovative SAP solutions for improving the entire digital value-creation chains. As a multiple award-winning SAP partner, Syskoplan Reply is a leader in the SAP eco system.

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    Sytel Reply

    Experts in Telecommunication and Media Industries

    Sytel Relply is the Reply Group Company specialized in Telecommunication & Media industry focusing on System Integration activities in the field of Business Support Systems such as billing, CRM and configuration of the commercial offer, and Operating Support System like Service Assurance & Service provisioning in addition to Network Services.

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    Enterprise Social Network

    TamTamy Reply is the company of the Reply group specialised in designing, developing and integrating digital communities. Since 2007, TamTamy Reply offers its customers the proprietary enterprise social networking platform to develop enterprise social networks, social learning platforms and social intranets to enable the Digital Workplace in the companies.

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    TD Reply

    Data-driven innovation and marketing

    TD Reply is a leading international business consultancy for Data-driven innovation and marketing. The TD Reply portfolio combines Data-driven innovation services to anticipate and cultivate ideas using agile business modelling to generate sustainable profits from innovation by supporting clients to develop products and services customers really want.

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    Technology Reply is the Reply Group company specialised in consulting services, design and implementation of solutions based on the Oracle technology. Technology Reply pursues a process of continuous innovation to ensure its customers qualified support and cutting-edge solutions through cross-industry technological skills and process skills in the finance area, enabling digital transformation leveraging on Oracle Cloud technologies.

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    Threepipe Reply is a brand performance agency of specialists passionate for story telling. They are a team of story tellers with expertise across data, search, media, PR, creative and technology and it helps its clients succeed in an increasingly fragmented, multi-channel world. Threepipe Reply understand how to transform creative from being just entertaining to being truly effective.

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    Ticuro Reply

    Better living. Everytime. Everywhere.

    Ticuro Reply measures and interprets personal health information and daily activities. Based on Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, Ticuro Reply allowes to increase the quality of life. The combination of wearables, medical devices and additional sensors to improve healthy lifestyle everytime and everywhere.

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    Triplesense Reply

    Digital Service Design & Customer Experience

    Triplesense Reply is the specialist for Digital Strategies and Customer Experience in commercial and end customer markets. Triplesense Reply designs digital touch point experiences for a perfect user experience.

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    Valorem Reply is a digital transformation firm focused on driving change with hyper-scale and agile delivery of unique digital business services, strategic business models and design-led user experiences. Through the expertise of our people and the power of Microsoft technologies, our innovative strategies and solutions securely and rapidly transform the way our clients do business.

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    WM Reply

    Business Solutions on Microsoft SharePoint

    WM Reply is an experienced digital consultancy specialising in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. WM Reply builds SharePoint sites: intranets and websites, social networks, and document management areas to create digital workspaces that are easy to navigate and engaging.

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    Xister Reply

    Ideas and inventions, made in Italy

    Xister Reply is a digital creative agency of the Reply Group, established in 2002 in the heart of Rome, Italy. Xister Reply process goes from strategy to implementation, delivering not only great creativity, but also finely crafted finished products. Xister Reply is driven by its attention to detail, passion for beauty and natural Italian style.