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22.12.2020 / Risk Management Magazine

Press Article

Blockchain securitization: an innovative technology to boost asset liquidity

The main aim of this paper is to show the potential benefits for the Securitisation process, both in terms of the setup of operations and in the entire product life cycle, derived from the adoption of the Blockchain Technology.

05.06.2020 / Cloud Computing


Around the Cloud in Eighty Days: The First Leg of the Journey

Jules Verne authored the novel Around the World in Eighty Days, Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours in its native French, which was published serially in 1872. It would presumptuous of me to rescript the story of the unflappable Phileas Fogg’s trip around the world, but allow me to take you on a ten-legged journey to explore how the Cloud can enable productivity, innovation, and scalability in financial services.

28.05.2020 / Fintech Magazine


Technology Enablement across the Wealth Management Value Chain: The Mass Affluent Opportunity

Market conditions are forcing financial institutions to find new models for growth. One of the largest identified gaps for growth is the underserved and overlooked mass affluent segment.




IT & DevOps in Financial Services (The Phoenix Project)

If, like me, you have to interact with IT —and technology is vital for you or your clients — this excellent novel will enlighten your day-to-day work. The Phoenix Project was first published in 2013 and, in the fast-moving world of technology, one could view this book as ‘outdated.’ But no. The way it articulates the value of DevOps for organisations remains insightful. It remains useful. And it remains worth your attention. Of particular value is the presentation of the Three Ways — the principles from which all observed DevOps behaviours are derived.



How to Teach Quantum Physics to Your Dog: Applicability to Financial Services

I had just finished reading Chad Orzel’s bestselling book ‘How to teach quantum physics to your dog’ last week when my colleagues presented what is perhaps one of the first concrete applications of ‘quantum-inspired’ computing in European banking. Before I turn to that, allow me to share a few words on Orzel’s book and how it got me to think about quantum computing in financial services…



Are you interested in the world of Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Data Strategy? So join us!




Are you interested in Infrastructure Experience, Virtualization and OS? We are looking for enthusiastic and dynamic people!


05.11.2019 - 06.11.2019 / London



Avantage Reply is partnering for the second year with PRMIA for its annual Risk Leader Summit. This is an invitation-only gathering for risk practitioners of CRO/MD level seniority in a Financial Institution, with over 150 eligible risk practitioners attending.


News & Communication

Crow Canyon Software chosen as Microsoft Charter Partner

California-based company Crow Canyon Software has been selected to join an elite group of organisations chosen by Microsoft to be showcased in its Office 365 Business Application Program.


News & Communication

Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser available in beta version for macOS and Windows

Microsoft has progressed its Chromium-powered Edge browser with an official release of the beta version designed to run with Windows operating systems and macOS.

08.10.2019 / Brussels


Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) - Breakfast

Avantage Reply jointly with CERRIX will be hosting a GRC Breakfast in Brussels on 8 October 2019.


News & Communication

Singapore PE Firm Elite Partners Capital Invests $3.0 Million (€1.95 Million) in Norwegian Cold Chain Management Specialist TAG Sensors

Singapore private equity firm Elite Partners Capital (“EPC”) announced today its investment of S$3.0 million (€1.95 million) in TAG Sensors.


News & Communication

Breed Reply supports Metron as it raises €10m

“In less than a year, METRON, a key player in energy intelligence, has raised more than €20 Million to support international growth and the development of its AI-driven digital solutions for industries”

26.02.2019 / London


Driving the RegTech Revolution

On 26th of February, Avantage Reply and Suade Labs will be hosting the Driving the RegTech Revolution event to offer Regulation-as-a-Service solution to a growing number of financial institutions.

AI Models

White Paper

The path to deployment of AI models in Banking

Recent technological advancements have accelerated the integration of AI and machine learning models into more and more banking processes. In today’s banking industry, institutions not using AI and machine learning risk losing their competitive edge, as competitors are increasingly enhancing their strategic decisions with the powerful analytical capabilities of AI and machine learning.

04.12.2018 / London


Machine Learning Models in Financial Services

On Tuesday 4th December 2018, Avantage Reply and DataRobot will host an event on Machine Learning Models in Financial Services. The event will provide an opportunity to learn more about the evolving space of machine learning models, from industry practitioners and regulators.

14.06.2018 / Digital UK


UK confirmed as a global leader in tech investment

This year’s Tech Nation Report is hot off the press and gives a wealth of insight into the strength, breadth and depth of digital activity in the UK.

12.04.2018 / Internet of Things

Press Article

Powering the Digital Economy: Harnessing Progress

CNBC's panel discussion "Powering the Digital Economy: Harnessing Progress" from Paris Innovation Summit.


Financial services are by far the most advanced industry in terms of Blockchain exploration with both independent and consortium initiatives. Financial players are mainly focused on evaluating possible impact of Blockchain paradigm on payments circuits, capital markets processes, risk management activities and credit services.

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08.01.2018 / Microsoft

News & Communication

New Windows 10 laptop uses Qualcomm chips

Throughout the history of the technology giant Microsoft, laptops and PCs released by the company have mostly been Intel-and AMD-based. Therefore, it was a surprise to many when Microsoft recently introduced a new laptop that does not contain Intel chips; instead it uses chips by Qualcomm, another major chip producer and also a key player in the smartphone market.

22.09.2017 / Brussels


Data Quality & Automation in Insurance

On 22 September, Avantage Reply hosts a Data Quality & Automation in Insurance event. The audience will have the opportunity to discover the importance of data quality (NBB), a feedback on the Risk Data Quality Automation (Euler Hermes), a feedback on the Solvency II Closing Process Automation (P&V) and case studies (Avantage Reply).

21.06.2017 / Milan


Data Driven Banking

On 21st June, Avantage Reply gives a presentation on Blockchain between Regulator and Central Banks at the 'Data Driven Banking' event organised by ABIFormazione in Milan.

17.05.2017 / Fashion, Technology

News & Communication

White City emerging as Silicon Roundabout rival

The White City area of London is set to emerge as a genuine rival to the capital's current technology hotbed, Silicon Roundabout, with a number of new media and tech companies setting up for business there.

Operational Risk & Data Robotics

White Paper

Operational Risk & Data Robotics

Data Robotics Solutions are emerging as a highly effective, yet practical approach for banks to reduce operational risk, improve efficiency, reduce costs and derive additional value. From Robotic Process Automation to machine learning enabled Intelligent Process Automation, banks that have started implementing these solutions are reaping the rewards, both from a financial and compliance perspective.

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28.02.2017 / SharePoint, Microsoft Office

News & Communication

OnePlaceMail for SharePoint now available

The Microsoft Office Store now has a new enterprise app available called OnePlaceMail for SharePoint Online. This has been created by OnePlace Solutions, with the aim of addressing the issue of retrieving and storing key business data within SharePoint.

10.02.2017 / Technology, Science and Education

News & Communication

Essex to get Technology and Science Centre

A new centre focusing on technology and science is set to be constructed in Essex, following the news that funding to the tune of seven figures has been secured for it.

Hi engage Bluetooth Beacons 0

Hi engage Bluetooth Beacons

Hi engage Bluetooth Beacons are small Bluetooth low energy device that can be used for localization. The beacons work on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), also known as Bluetooth Smart. BLE can also be found on Bluetooth 4.0 devices that support dual mode. Hi engage Beacons can notify an application of their presence. In this way they can trigger location based behavior on a compatible device. Hi engage beacons support both iBeacon and Eddystone standards.

Our Technology


Ultrasounds Beacons

The transmitting device generates and radiates a sound whose frequency spectrum has energetic content only at frequencies that are not audible by the average human ear. These frequencies are chosen in order to still be detectable by the microphone and circuitry of any smartphone, tablet, phablet or personal computer.

Our Technology


Engage your customers through Audio Watermark

Concept Reply has developed a proprietary Contextual Marketing Platform that interacts with iBeacons, Android BLE Beacons, Ultrasounds Beacons, Audio Watermarks. These technologies allow to understand the contest and, above all, where the customer is. In this way, we can engage the customer across multiple devices, channels and platforms.

22.11.2017 / UK News


The Budget is a chance to fire up the UK tech sector if the Government leads the way

Earlier this year, Theresa May described the UK technology industry as a “great British success story”.