Network Disaggregation

Transforming the network access layer into a distributed, cloud-native, and multi-access edge platform

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Telecommunications industry in transition

The telecommunications industry faces numerous challenges today. To meet them successfully, many operators need to rethink and replace their outdated and complex production platforms. The solution: network disaggregation. Our whitepaper shows what's behind it and how you can benefit from this new technology.

Telcos Today

The telecommunication operators are subject to different forces severely affecting their ability to keep pace with evolving industry dynamics and, ultimately, to preserve a healthy EBITDA profile. Those forces include:

  • Traffic (and related investments) growing faster than revenues.
  • Demand and customer expectation need to be more and more aligned to digital over-the-top offering.
  • High investments in new technologies (e.g., 5G) with limited additional revenues
  • Slow and expensive service and operation model innovation
  • Technical agenda controlled by the few incumbent vendors with suboptimal in-house engineering, design skills and ownership

To ensure growth and success despite these challenges, telecommunications companies need to rebuild the technological foundation around their most important asset, the network access layer.

A new kind of network access layer

The solution is to disaggregate the network access layer. The focus of this technology lies in the reimagining of the operator production platform as a cloud-services platform to avoid long-lead-time and multi-domain-operator transformation programs.

This enables the telecommunications providers to serve telco services with a much better performance.

How does the transformation look like?

The traditional monolithic systems are replaced by a programmable, general purpose, and cloud-oriented infrastructure pool and SW layer based on Microservice/API architecture with a “DevOps”, “CI/CD” engineering approach. Through a clever rearchitecting of industry-standard designs and usage of CUPS principles, the disaggregated access technology comes to life. Therefore, you can build a cloud-based production platform through the implementation at scale of the network disaggregation technology.

Your customized solution

Our whitepaper offers helpful insights on the topic of network disaggregation. You need additional input or concrete support for your project? Our experts have profound expertise in this area and will be glad to help. In cooperation with you, they will develop the perfect solution to transform your network access layer and make your company future-ready.
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    Next Reply

    Next Reply is the Reply Group company offering consultancy, service and integration in the area of network disaggregation for telco operators and enterprise customers. We are specialized in network disaggregation and thus focused on improving the flexibility of large networks to increase the level of service by decreasing the time to deploy innovations at the same time. We strive to find trade-offs between business requirements and technical constraints and developing innovative solutions.