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distribution network

Project Needs

The automotive customer wanted to have a fully integrated warehouses network with measured productivity, automated and standard processes. The inventory accuracy and the quality of their service versus the dealers were the challenges to achieve speeding up the shipments and re-organizing the fulfillment in real-time.

A unique source of order planning has to drive 10+ warehouses allocation and their daily job. The visibility on the supply chain requires a strong integration with all the systems around the solution.


Thanks to an incremental approach, the Reply solution was applied depot by depot moving the inventory accuracy to levels never seen before: +99.9%.

The quality of the service was strongly improved thanks to dedicated checks among the shipment preparation process and a set of audits driven by the Reply WMS to keep any KPIs under control. The order planner distributes the orders and the Reply WMS allocates them based on customer criteria and the release is automated to speed up the execution and to reduce the human intervention. More than 12 millions order lines are shipped every year.


Click Reply WMS is the solution applied to a hosted and centralized infrastructure. All the processes are driven by wireless devices and the paper is the outcome of the process when needed. All the warehouses leverage on an automated picking waving release based on distribution and cut-off criteria. Besides the receiving and shipping processes, the solution is enriched with a complete set of auditing to keep inventory aligned and to prevent human errors. The audits are interleaved with the daily operations to reduce additional handling. Strong integration with the ERP, between the warehouses and additional systems like the Click Reply Labour Management and the TMS, increase the visibility on the full network starting from the single user to the full stock picture. Real-time operations are performed continuously with the system able to recover in case of exception incurring during the picking and the packing process to reallocate dynamically the missing stock or the change of path. Click Reply WMS slots all the goods automatically when received defining the best position based on dimensions, forecasted quantities, and velocity. The Quality processes are driven by a central unit (another Reply successful project) to manage part quality checks among the whole network.

Expansion of this system from the current production side of the business to onboarding the product development side, ensured issue tracking for every vehicle phase, from idea to mass production.

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