Hi engage: the iot contextual
marketing platform

Hi engage accompanies the customer in its purchasing journey from ​first stimulus to the in-store experience

Since 2009 Concept Reply has brought R&D expertise together with end-to-end Test and Quality Assurance to the Reply Group. The engineers leverage the know-how and physical assets of the former Motorola R&D Center located in Turin.

In July 2011 Concept Reply launched Hi Reply, a complete platform for Internet of Things. At the foundation of Hi Reply are the «Smart Objects» through which data and control signals are transmitted over the network using standard protocols.

From the platform, the module Hi engage enables solutions in all contexts where it’s necessary to have a personalized and location based communication. Including areas in which GPS and other navigation and tracking systems do not work. Field of application range:

Second Screen applications
In-store information and couponing
Events digital experience
Touristic Infomarketing and cultural heritage
Multiple Business to Consumer Communication applications

Hi engage moreover allows the virtualization of all loyalty cards, to send promotional messages – multilanguage – to the customer, to send and to capture bar-codes, digitalization of the couponing activities.

Concept Reply

Engage, a Concept Reply division, offers a comprehensive range of contextual marketing solutions that are designed to connect Brands with their Customers using the digital channel.

Hi engage is a contextual marketing solution that allows, using your smartphone and tablet, to experience an innovative purchasing journey. It enables brands and companies to open a new, direct and personal channel of communication with their customers. Hi engage technology sends text, audio and video messages in multiple languages, manages barcodes and QR Codes.

Concept Reply Solutions are able to deliver personalized communication, in the right place and moment and enable the Brand to accompany the customers throughout the shopping experience: from the initial stimulus (Second Screen Solution) to Proximity Information (Event Solution) to the In-Store Experience where consumers are in the right place, in the right moment to receive tailored communications.​