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Multimedia Contents

Gaia Reply™ allows fast integration with MAM systems in order to manage on demand video streaming using the RTSP and HTTP live streaming protocols. The platform has been successfully adopted by major Italian media companies and broadcasters providing hundreds of optimized mobile videos on mobile sites and client applications that count millions of page views per day.

Thanks to a component that enables the fast deployment of beautiful photo galleries using HTML 5 technology and CSS 3.0 providing complex user interfaces with components such as cover flow, carousel and 3D effects, the platform is able to provide galleries which offer a great user experience. Moreover, thanks to the gallery module, it is also possible to easily design great galleries even on less capable devices.

The Gaia Reply™ platform-based content can be integrated with the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Gaia Reply™'s fast integration with social media platforms enables great content discoverability, while users access content from mobile devices and other kinds of handsets.




Gaia Reply™ is integrated with major banking billing systems and is able to support any kind of m-commerce projects. The platform is also integrated with "MobilePay", the new mobile payment platform powered by the main Italian Telco operators. So, the Gaia Reply™ platform offers the easiest solution to sell digital content via Telco billing systems.

Thanks to the integration with principle web tracking and analytic tracking services, Gaia Reply™ provides complete analytic reports and user insights. The platform supports integration leading proprietary analytics technology that provides handset device characteristics statistics. Therefore Gaia Reply™ enables our clients to track the information they need to build high quality reports and improve services, while providing a better user experience.

Gaia Reply™ supports integration with GPS and mapping services in order to provide functionalities such as location-based searches. This feature can be used for any industry to retrieve information about point of sales such as retail stores, gas stations, movie theatres, ATMs and more.

From mobile web to native apps 0

From mobile web to native apps

Open Reply​ is a Reply company that specialises in delivering creative and technologically innovative mobile brand and commerce solutions. From mobile web to native apps, on both smartphone and tablet, Open Reply fuses the best creative and technology to deliver conversations optimised for the mobile device that increase engagement and commerce conversions.​



Mobile First

Gaia Reply™ is a flexible, scalable and inexpensive framework which provides optimized contents and services to more than 7,000 devices ranging from the most popular mobile devices, to smartphones, tablets and Internet TV in order to implement best in class Mobile Sites, Client Applications and HTML5 Web Apps.

Gaia Reply™ is designed, developed and maintained by Open Reply, a Reply Group company specializing in open source technologies. Gaia Reply™ solves the complexity of multichannel and multidevice digital projects.

The platform supports the development of every application from transactional services, such as mobile banking or mobile commerce, to content-based services, such as mini m-sites, promotional activities and landing pages and is offered either “On-premises”, installed within the client data center, or using a SaaS taking advantage of cloud computing. It can seamlessly plug into your IT systems to deliver optimized digital content and commerce services to the user device.​



Multichannel Contents

Gaia Reply™ can be customized and adapted according to the customer’s IT architecture in order to satisfy business and technological req​uirements. It incorporates a specific technology for transcoding and adapting multichannel media content. This feature is based on Alembik, a Reply open source OMA STI compliant transcoding server based on Java (J2EE) technology.

Device Management 0

Device Management

Proprietary device database Gaia Reply™ maintains a unique and dedicated proprietary multichannel device database that is periodically updated with a set of extendible attributes defining the characteristics of almost all the digital devices available in the market. So, Designers can build highly-engaging interfaces and engineers can deliver functionally-rich solutions whilst respecting the time to market.​

Heterogeneous Data Source Integration 0

Heterogeneous Data Source Integration

Painless integration Gaia Reply™ is able to interface heterogeneous data sources and commerce systems using standards-based technology to retrieve requested digital media and transactional services, providing a robust enterprise solution. This means easier integration with data sources allowing our clients to allocate more of their budget towards content quality.​

Device Detection and Adaptation 0

Device Detection and Adaptation

Specific content for any device Gaia Reply™ is able to provide the best user experience available for any device. Thanks to the integrated “device detecting technology”, the platform is able to recognize any device that requests access to any content or service. The platform generates the real time interface and provides the best user experience for each device.


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Gaia Reply Notification Gateway

This is the application module of Gaia Reply™ that handles delivery of push notifications to remote devices using Vendor’s provided notification services. Gaia Reply Notification Gateway provides a uniform integration interface to hide specificity of different push services and simplify the integration of backend systems(iOS, Android, Windows Phone).



Enterprise Mobile Lifecycle Management

Communication Valley Reply and Open Reply organise Enterprise Mobile Lifecycle Management, an event dedicated to the presentation and the in-depth analysis of new Mobile approaches and solutions. The event will be held in Milan on 26 September 2012.


News & Communication

77% of smartphone owners still use catalogues to browse proving that integration of all channels is key for success

eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply have been tracking the changing trends in multichannel shopping and browsing preferences with UK consumers since June 2010. This, the third study of its kind, found that whilst online and mobile channels are seeing substantial year on year growth, the results showed that more traditional shopping channels, such as catalogues and stores still have a vital role to play.

Best Practice

Multichannel Delivery Platform

Multichannel Delivery Platform

Best Practice

Robustness and Scalability

Robustness and Scalability

Best Practice

Multi-Channel Delivery Platform

Gaia Reply provides a solution capable of delivering content and services to more than 6500 mobile devices, guaranteeing highly evolved application and msite GUI’s.

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Gaia Reply supports HTML5, CSS 3.0 and other modern web paradigms allowing for advanced transitions and animations even in 3D.

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Modular Solution

Thanks to Gaia Reply’s modular architecture, ad hoc solutions can be developed for every type of project and organization. Additionally, by providing a modular approach with a wide selection of base modules and industry specific functionalities, the cost and delivery time of solutions can be reduced.


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mCommerce quadruples in just two years

The latest research results from eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply shows that 64% of smartphone owners are now using their mobile devices to shop online, a number that has quadrupled since June 2010. The study also found that an impressive 84% of smartphone owners have used their devices to browse websites, with one third (33%) doing so on a daily basis, whilst three quarters (77%) are using their smartphones to research products.


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Through GAIA Reply™ Fiat optimises the display and use of the mobile site of LANCIA on all new and old generation mobile phones (smartphone e Tablet)

A site that speaks 16 languages at the same time and is accessible by all portable devices on the market? A portal that is global and also hyper-local?