29.10.2020 / IoT / Covid-19


Health Technology in a Post-COVID-19 World

There’s no question that the global pandemic is changing the way healthcare is delivered. In the latest Breed Reply blog we take a look at how technology, such as IoT, can help diagnose and treat specific ailments, reducing the need for a physical visit to the doctor.

21.10.2020 / Kokoon


Q&A with Kokoon CEO – Tim Antos

Our portfolio company, Kokoon has today announced a major new development. The sleep technology experts have launched the newest product in their sleep audio range – the product is available here on Kickstarter for pre-order. NightBuds is the follow up product to Kokoon’s hugely successful Relax headphones. We spoke to Kokoon founder Tim Antos to found out more.

15.10.2020 / Kokoon

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Breed Reply investee Kokoon launches Nightbuds on Kickstarter

Sleep technology expert Kokoon is today pleased to announce the newest product in its sleep audio range is now available to back on Kickstarter here. The NightBuds, at just 5.4mm thickness are the smallest in-ear sleep audio product available.

31.03.2019 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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Crowdcube & Kickstarter Success Kokoon Launches Seedrs Funding Round

Intelligent headphone creator Kokoon has launched a new funding round on Seedrs to raise £1 million.

30.06.2018 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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The Kokoon takes rest and relaxation to a whole new level

It uses active noise cancellation for complete quietness, along with an audio seal that works to stop external noise from penetrating the enclosure and reaching your ears.

10.10.2017 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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Sleep-aiding headphones maker smasher funding target

Kokoon, which has developed a headphone and mobile app designed to aid sleep and relaxation, is raising growth capital through Crowdcube.

20.07.2017 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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6 Ingenious Travel Inventions That Make Long Haul Flights Semi-Bearable

Despite what Instagram wants you to think, the actual act of travelling is decidedly unglamorous. But there are ways to make travel a little more cushy without forking out thousand for lounge passes and first class tickets.

10.03.2017 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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AXA PP Health and You Awards

The shortlisted HealthTech startups for AXA PP Health and You Awards have been announced.

23.01.2017 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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Airlines & Wearables

Wearable technology is changing the world of travel, kicking off at the airport. Aside from the journey becoming more enjoyable starting from the ground, the innovations of wearable technology move into the plane very quickly.

25.11.2016 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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First-ever sleep-sensing headphones

A Cambridge-based robotics consultancy has teamed up with another tech firm in the city to work on the first-ever sleep-sensing headphones.

17.10.2016 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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Check out these headphones which fall asleep when you do

A Cambridge robotics consultancy has been working with another city tech firm on the world’s first sleep-sensing headphones.

17.10.2016 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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Kokoon Headphones Sense Your Sleep

Having trouble falling asleep? These cans may be your new sleeping companion. Meet Kokoon headphones, designed to rock-a-bye baby you all the way to sleep.

14.10.2016 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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Robotae taking consumer electronics in a new direction

The world’s first sleep sensing headphones have been developed with the support of Robotae, a dedicated robotics consultancy based in Cambridge.

13.10.2016 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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Noise-Canceling Headphones with EEG Sensor at Engineering Design Show

The falling cost of mechatronics—the fusion of mechanical, electronic, and control engineering—is making robotics and artificial intelligence more accessible to consumer electronics.

28.07.2016 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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Trouble Sleeping? Interview with Kokoon’s CEO Tim Antos

Kokoon sleeping headphones was the winner of the IWC 2015/2016 for the Gaming and Lifestyle category.

10.07.2016 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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The 15 Hottest Wearable Products Currently On The Market

Being alive in 2016 means that we have access to an insane amount of technology; too much, really, but also not nearly enough.

02.06.2016 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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Genius tech to improve your sleep

Sacrificing sleep for productivity? Bad news: it could be ruining your health. Luckily, new zzz-boosting gear is here to sweeten your dreams.

27.05.2016 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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Kokoon Technology

The “world’s first” smart, sleep-sensing headphones – giving the wearer a better night’s sleep.

25.05.2016 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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Top 10 in Wearable Wellness

Companies that rethink wearables have re-envisioned how we live, work, play -- and in some cases -- sleep.

24.05.2016 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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Kokoon Eeg Headphone, Help to Sleep Well Anywhere

Kokoon is the first headphone comfortable enough to be slept in and smart enough to know how and when to adjust your music as you fall asleep and wake.

19.05.2016 / Portfolio / Kokoon

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Kokoon Headphones Help You Sleep By Monitoring Brain Waves

Trouble sleeping? These new-age headphones could be the remedy. The brainchild of a London-based startup, the Kokoon EEG headphones are being described as “the ultimate sleep sanctuary”.