06.01.2021 / AppyWay

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5G Trailblazers – The people showcasing 5G's potential across the UK

Dan Hubert, CEO and Founder of Breed Reply Portfolio company AppyWay, is leading a new initiative to reduce congestion and lower emissions in Birmingham. Using low latency 5G networks, vehicle information is collected, then transmitted to AppyWay for analysis using artificial intelligence. Read more about AppyWay's inclusion in ericsson's list of top 25 people and teams working at the forefront of 5G innovation.

29.12.2020 / Appyway

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ICE-spy: 'Smart' electric parking bays could detect when petrol or diesel cars stop in them and issue £70 fines

Smart electric vehicle (EV) charging bays could soon be issuing fines of up to £70 to drivers misusing the spaces — such as by parking diesel or petrol cars in them. Built by Breed Reply Portfolio company, AppyWay, the smart bays' sensors are capable of detecting the presence of parked vehicles.

08.09.2020 / AppyWay

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Kerbside Technology Leader AppyWay Launches £20m Series B Funding Round

New funding will support organic growth, strategic acquisitions, further technological investment and international scalability. Existing blue-chip investors include Hyundai Motor Company, Sumitomo Corporation and Aviva Ventures.

30.07.2020 / Appyway

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Best parking apps 2020

The average motorist in the UK spends four days a year just looking for a parking space, wasting time and causing congestion. Auto Express put seven apps to the test to see which makes finding, and even paying for, a parking space easiest, with Appyway coming out on top.

07.07.2020 / Appyway

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UK transport authority signs deal for 5G mobility innovation

Under a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), West Midlands 5G (WM5G) and Vodafone are collaborating to develop advanced 5G-enabled technologies to improve travel in the region.


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AppyWay bolsters its sustainable mobility strategy with smart city specialist advisory board appointment

AppyWay, Europe’s most awarded intelligent kerbside and smart parking firm has today announced the appointment of ex local government, smart city champion Kim Smith to AppyWay’s advisory board.

19.05.2020 / Appyway

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Appyway appoints former Cisco Head as Chairman

AppyWay, Europe’s most awarded intelligent kerbside and smart parking pioneer, has welcomed ex Cisco UK & Ireland CEO Phil Smith CBE to its board to serve as Non-Executive Chairman

17.05.2019 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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Best parking apps to buy 2019

AppyParking stood out thanks to its slick and friendly user interface!

15.04.2019 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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AppyParking works with councils to digitize kerbside restriction data

The project has uncovered significant opportunities to both relieve the inconvenience endured by Local Authority officers that manage TROs and deliver substantial operational efficiencies.

19.02.2019 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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AppyParking: How has Harrogate's 'smart parking app' fared since its launch?

Just over three weeks since the launch of Harrogate's first 'smart parking app,' initial reports show it has been downloaded just over 7,000 times.

19.02.2019 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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Over 7,000 people download Harrogate's "Appy Parking" app

Since being launched in January, AppyParking – first of its kind in the UK – has been downloaded over 7,000 times.

19.02.2019 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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These 9 European tech startups are working hard to solve your parking problems in 2019

As smart parking has already become the future of parking, many companies are thriving in this segment.

14.02.2019 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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Making it easier to park technology installed around Halifax town centre

At least 1800 Appy Parking sensors have now been installed in all of our parking bays across the centre.

01.02.2019 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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AppyParking launches smart city parking solution for Harrogate

AppyParking’s Smart City Parking solution is now fully available to Harrogate residents.

30.01.2019 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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Genteel But Cutting Edge - A Startup Is Bringing Smart City Tech To A Yorkshire Spa Town

Using technology provided by U.K. tech startup AppyParking, Harrogate Borough Council and the North Yorkshire county authority have launched an innovative “one-click parking” solution.

29.01.2019 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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AppyParking in Harrogate: Smart parking system trial officially launches

A smart parking system for the centre of Harrogate, which district and county council authorities say will offer an economic boost to the town, has officially launched.

02.01.2019 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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New smart parking system to be introduced in Halifax this year

Calderdale Council is introducing a new smart parking system in Halifax, allowing people to find spaces more easily and pay by card.

10.12.2018 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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Smart parking coming in the new year

Parking in Harrogate town centre is set to become easier in the new year with the launch of a new smart parking system that is the first of its kind in the UK.

02.08.2018 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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Harrogate's electronic parking future

A Harrogate-based parking trial will now be opened up across the whole of the town in what will be a first for the country.

30.06.2018 / Internet of Things


Creating a High Impact IoT transport business model

We believe IoT entrepreneurs need to ask themselves a central question: Am I meeting a genuine market need? 

27.06.2018 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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Connected parking apps partnerships on the rise

Connected parking apps are becoming more prominent as partnerships with local councils and manufacturers is "on the rise"

15.03.2018 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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Fuelled by belief and energy, AppyParking aims to revolutionise car parking

Having realised how broken Britain’s parking system is, Dan Hubert decided to do something about it. The result was AppyParking.

26.02.2018 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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Best parking apps to buy 2018

Finding somewhere to park in a busy town centre can be stressful and inconvenient, but these parking apps can help.

24.10.2017 / Portfolio / AppyParking

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Parking apps - which is best?

Want to make parking in the city centre easier? You need to get one of these free smartphone apps.